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  Hephaestion   - son of Amyntor; companion of Alexander the Great
Wikipedia entry
324/34 Alexander allows Hephaestion to read one of his private letters.
324/35 saying of Alexander about Hephaestion and Craterus.
324/36 The death of Hephaestion, the close friend of Alexander.
324/40 leucus are promoted to new posts following the death of Hephaestion.
323/14 extravagant funeral rites for Hephaestion, including divine honours.
    Within translations:
Arrian:Fr_1 een under the command of Hephaestion, which amounted to
Athen_12.537 Deaths of Alexander and Hephaestion, says that "he had in
Athen_4.146 Deaths of Alexander and Hephaestion, expended each day
Just_12.12 of those proceedings, Hephaestion, one of his friends,
Plut:Eum_1 and upon the death of Hephaestion, when Perdiccas had
Plut:Eum_2 in danger too, on account of Hephaestion. In the first
Plut:Mor_180 ccusations of Antipater, Hephaestion also ( as he was accu
Plut:Mor_181 respect Craterus, and to love Hephaestion. Craterus, said
PsCallisth_1.18 ent on and with him his friend Hephaestion and they sailed
PsCallisth_3.17 my closest friend, and Hephaestion, and Craterus and my

  Hephaestion 2   - an Egyptian soldier, 2nd century B.C.
168/45 PLond_42, a letter from Isias to Hephaestion.

  Hephaestion 3   - a plagiarist
Athen_15.673 And this compiler Hephaestion behaved in the same way to

  Hephaestion   - in documents
SelPap_1.138 To Stephanus from Hephaestion. On receip
SelPap_1.33 Apollonius son of Hephaestion son of Ammonius
SelPap_2.301 Hephaestion also called Ammon
THI_63 (193)   d of Philistos and Hephaistion, deposited by Dia

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