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  Helicon   - a mountain in Boeotia, Greece
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  + Heliconian
AnthPal_7.71 vipers' gall, staining mild Helicon with blood. Lycambe
AnthPal_7.709 have learnt to know the Heliconian Muses who made me grea
AnthPal_9.162 into the mysteries of Helicon, fashioning thin lips for
AnthPal_9.225 ot. The horse cut the veins of Helicon, the river those
AnthPal_9.230 by the ascent of great Helicon, but drank your fill of
AnthPal_9.387 and also a servant of Heliconian Apollo, chosen among
AntipSid_7.14 gifts of the Muses of Helicon ? [7.23] & { G-P 13 } &
AntipThes_9.26 divine-voiced women that Helicon fed with song, Helicon
AntipThes_11.24 On a cup-bearer named Helicon O Boeotian Helicon, once
Archias_9.64 inspiring water of the Heliconian spring, that the hoof
Asclepiad_9.64 inspiring water of the Heliconian spring, that the hoof
Athen_13.597 his hall and went to the Heliconian village of the Ascraea
Athen_14.629 of the Muses on Mount Helicon, says that in Helicon the
DioscEpigr_7.407 verily Pieria or ivied Helicon honour you together with
Ennius:Ann_2 seen by Ennius on Mount Helicon in a dream, was the sourc
Ennius:Ann_13 Parnassus [mistake for Helicon] ; Homer said that his
Lucill_9.572 begin our song from the Heliconian Muses" ; so Hesiod wro
OGIS_310 (c. 200-150)   s land to be sacred to the Heliconian Muses, for
Paean:Delph_1 are assigned to dwell on Helicon where the trees grow tall
Paean:Delph_2 ell on the snow-swept crags of Helicon. Sing in honour of
Philip_4.2 for you flowers of Helicon and the first-born blooms of
Polyaen_7.43.1 then they retreated to Helicon, and made a truce with
Syll_457 (c. 250)   atrical contest on Helikon, dedicated to the Muses,

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