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  Hecabe   (Hecuba) - the wife of Priamus
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AnthPal_11.67 is, as old as a crow and Hecuba put together, grandmother
AnthPal_7.99 Fates decreed tears for Hecabe and the Trojan women even
AnthPal_9.117 lyxena, thus did Cissean Hecabe &bewail the murder of her
Athen_13.556 had a great many women, and Hecabe was not indignant.
Lucill_11.212 my Zopyrion was born to me by Hecuba. And finally I, Eras
Lucill_11.408 ouge and paste will never turn Hecuba into Helen. [11.433]
Plinius:Ep_4.11 of a chaste woman, like Hecuba, "taking care that she

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