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  Hebe   - Greek goddess of youth
Wikipedia entry
Aelian:NA_13.4 they are* Epicharmus in his Hebe's Wedding [Kaibel CGF
Aelian:NA_17.46 feed in the temple of Hebe while their mates feed in
Athen_6.245 les went from Omphale to Hebe." And when Phyromachus dippe
Athen_7.282 rmus, in his Marriage of Hebe, says- & Mussels, alphestae,
Athen_10.425 people have represented Hebe as acting as cup-bearer to
Athen_14.646 armus mentions it in his Hebe's Wedding; but the wheaten-f
MArgent_9.554 you choose to kiss his wife Hebe & in young men. * &
THI_130 (310-280)   Herakles and [Hera and (?) Hebe] on the first day o

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