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  Hasdrubal 4   - son of Hanno; Carthaginian general in Sicily, killed in 250 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
255/22 The Carthaginians send Hasdrubal to command their army in Sicily.
250/5 Hasdrubal advances from Lilybaeum, to Panormus.
250/6 aecilius defeats the Carthaginaian army under Hasdrubal at Panormus.
Oros_4.9   C. Furius Pacilus 251 B.C. Hasdrubal, the new general of the
ValMax_1.1.14   wiles and ambuscades of Hasdrubal and Xanthippus the Lacedaemonian,

  Hasdrubal 5   - son-in-law of Hamilar; Carthaginian general in Spain, killed in 221 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
229/19 who is succeeded as Carthaginian commander in Spain by Hasdrubal.
228/15 Hasdrubal subdues the Orissi.
228/16 Hasdrubal founds the city of Carthago Nova.
226/11 Hasdrubal agrees to a treaty with the Romans, setting the river Ebro
221/18 lls as a soldier and officer while serving under Hasdrubal in Spain.
221/19 Hasdrubal pursues a policy of expansion in Spain, and seeks political
221/20 Hasdrubal is assassinated, and Hannibal is appointed to be the new
    Within translations:
Just_44.5   was sent his son-in-law Hasdrubal, who was also killed
Nepos_22.3   and handsome young man, Hasdrubal by name, whom some
Nepos_23.3   after Hamilcar died and Hasdrubal succeeded to the chief
ValMax_3.3e.7   his master, forthwith set upon Hasdrubal, and slew him. And although

  Hasdrubal 6   - son of Hamilcar and brother of Hannibal
Wikipedia entry
218/46 Hasdrubal routs some Roman marines in a surprise attack.
216/28 Hasdrubal defeats the Tartessians near Ascua.
215/11 The Carthaginians order Hasdrubal to lead his army into Italy.
215/28 The Romans defeat Hasdrubal at Ibera.
213/13 lliance with the Romans, and Hasdrubal is recalled from Spain to oppo
210/7 Hasdrubal secretly escapes with his army after being trapped by C.Ner
208/6 Hasdrubal retreats towards the Pyrenees after being defeated by Scipi
208/17 conference, and decide that Hasdrubal should attempt to march to Ita
208/20 meet Hannibal and his brother Hasdrubal at opposite ends of Italy.
207/1 General comments on Hasdrubal's struggle against the Romans in Spain.
207/2 Hasdrubal leaves Spain on his way to Italy.
207/4 Hasdrubal arrives in Italy, but fails to capture Placentia.
207/8 Hasdrubal discovers a method of killing elephants rapidly.
207/9 comments on the character of Hasdrubal, and his bravery when faced
207/10 The consuls defeat and kill Hasdrubal at Sena on the river Metaurus.
207/19 The triumph of Livius and Nero for their victory over Hasdrubal.
Nepos_23.3   the second with his brother Hasdrubal in Spain, and led the
Nepos:Cat_1   Battle at ** in which Hasdrubal, the brother of Hannibal, fell.
Oros_4.16   another in Spain against Hasdrubal, the brother of Hannibal;
Oros_4.18   The Metaurus River, where Hasdrubal was overwhelmed, proved as
ValMax_3.7.4   who, when he had defeated Hasdrubal and the army of the
ValMax_4.1.9   Salinator the glory of defeating Hasdrubal. Yet he chose rather to
ValMax_7.4.4   one side of Italy, and Hasdrubal had invaded the other; so
ValMax_9.3.1   city to wage war against Hasdrubal, he was advised by Fabius

  Hasdrubal 8   - commander of the Carthaginian cavalry at the battle of Cannae
Ennius:Ann_283 ghty foes. [283] & Hasdrubal sends the Numidians in pursui

  Hasdrubal 9   - a Carthaginian general in Sardinia during the Second Punic War
Wikipedia entry  
Oros_4.16   and the other Hasdrubal, the Carthaginian general.

  Hasdrubal 10   - son of Gisgo; Carthaginian general in Spain and Africa
Wikipedia entry
211/16 survivors in Spain, led by L.Marcius, defeat Hasdrubal son of Gisgo.
206/7 Scipio defeats Hasdrubal son of Gisgo at Ilipa.
204/16 Hasdrubal persuades Syphax to repudiate his friendship with Scipio.
203/13 Hasdrubal tries to win over some of Scipio's allies.
202/7 The death of Hasdrubal, son of Gisgo.
Oros_4.18   burns, barely escaped. 20 Hasdrubal, the commander, came to
Plin:HN_35.14   this kind that belonged to Hasdrubal, in that general's camp when
ValMax_6.9e.7   Scipio, and Carthage through Hasdrubal, came to him to

  Hasdrubal 13   - Carthaginian general in the Third Punic War
Wikipedia entry
150/1 Hasdrubal marches against Masinissa.
147/7 Hasdrubal tortures and kills Roman prisoners.
147/24 Negotiations between Hasdrubal and Gulussa.
146/7 Hasdrubal surrenders to the Romans; his wife and the deserters commit
    Within translations:
Obseq_20   was besieged, by command Hasdrubal there was cruelty inflicted
Oros_4.22   directed his forces against Hasdrubal. 8 In the meantime
Oros_4.23   thirty thousand men. 4 Hasdrubal, the king, voluntarily surrendered
Polyaen_8.16.7   hile he was there, Hasdrubal, who had a daughter of exquis
ValMax_3.2e.8   was taken, the wife of Hasdrubal accused him of disloyalty because

  Hasdrubal 14   - grandson of Masinissa; killed in 148 B.C.
148/26 Hasdrubal, grandson of Masinissa, is murdered at Carthage.
Oros_4.22   and capturing six thousand. Hasdrubal, the Punic general and

  Hasdrubal 15   - a citizen of Gades who was rewarded by the Romans, first century B.C.
81/18 Pompeius rewards Hasdrubal of Gades and several others with Roman cit

Hasdrubalsee Cleitomachus2

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