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  Halaesa   - a city in the north of Sicily
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269/13a Hieron captures Halaesa and several other cities from the Mamertines.
95/19 C.Claudius creates new laws for the town of Halaesa.
75/29 The son of Dion of Halaesa receives a large bequest from Apollodorus
73/10 Verres stops Dion of Halaesa from receiving an inheritance.
    Within translations:
CIL_1.612   estal found in Sicily at Tusa (Halaesa). Now lost. 'Lu
Plin:HN_3.91   Gelani, the Galatini, the Halesini, the Hennenses, the Hyblenses,
THI_185.A   (c. 250-100) olive tree with 'City of Halaisa' carved on it, and following
THI_185.C   (c. 250-100) olive tree with 'City of Halaisa' carved on it, and from

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