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  God   - the supreme deity
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3Macc_* 1-7 * sacrifice to the supreme God and made thank-offerings and
4Macc_* 1-18 * giving glory to the all-wise God. 13 Our inquiry, accord
Aristeas_* 15-21 * pains to discover, the God who gave them their law is
Aristeas_37 render unto the supreme God a thank offering for maintain
Aristeas_42 know of your devotion to our God. I showed them too the
Aristeas_45 ually, and that Almighty God might preserve your kingdom
Aristeas_* 96-98 * in a way worthy of the great God. We were greatly astoni
Aristeas_132 [132] punishments inflicted by God upon the guilty. For
Aristeas_134 ade it clear that the power of God pervaded the whole of
Aristeas_* 139-142 * and specially endowed by God to understand all things, too
Aristeas_* 158-160 * may continually remember the God who rules and preserves
Aristeas_169 men, being mindful of Almighty God. And so concerning meat
Aristeas_178 and [178] most of all God, whose oracles these are.'
Aristeas_179 'It was right, men of God, that I should first of all
Aristeas_185 May Almighty [185] God enrich you, O king with all the goo
Aristeas_* 188-202 * ate the unceasing benignity of God. For if you exhibit cle
Aristeas_* 205-212 * himself. For it is God who is the author of all good thing
Aristeas_219 are really a king, since God has bestowed upon you a royal
Aristeas_* 223-251 * all things. What God gives, that you must take and keep,
Aristeas_* 254-287 * essary to recognize that God rules the whole world in the
Aristeas_290 philanthropy, thanks to God who has endowed you with thes
Aristeas_292 ndying reputation, since God bestows upon you a mind which
Aristeas_305 the sea and prayed to God and then devoted themselves
Aristeas_* 313-316 * it have been smitten by God and therefore desisted from
Aristeas_320 den beakers to be dedicated to God. [321] He urged him als
Athen_6.265 uld it cease, when it is God who causes it, in accordance
Athen_8.337 that- & 'Tis not that God denies a flutist sense, & But
Athen_8.349 "Tell me, I pray you, in God's name, good mother, & What
Athen_12.519 also an oracle of the God, has excited them all to luxu
Athen_12.520 this they thought the God had said to them that they
Athen_13.580 lower of youth,- "Oh, in God's name, & Tell me, my youth,
ChronPasc_425 glory was given to God, and the scriptures were recognised
ChronPasc_436 people prayed for God to protect his temple, [437'A] and
ChronPasc_437 begged the people to pray to God to save him. Onias the
ChronPasc_440 was struck down by a blow from God, and died. Then the ent
ChronPasc_464 he prostrated himself [before God]. 7. Onias, the son of
ChronPasc_508 said "Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of
ChronPasc_509 stated himself before the Lord God. 7. Onias was high prie
ChronSynt_100 consubstantial son of God, came to earth in the 42nd
Diod_40.3 with which they worship God; and made laws for the method
Eupolemus_2 a prophet: and then by God's will Saul was chosen king
Eupolemus_5 et. He was sent by God, and found the Jews sacrificing to
Euseb]:Chron_3 uot; He, as our Lord and God, uttered this saying not only
Euseb]:Chron_33 efer to gods rather than God, and talk about birds in gene
Euseb]:Chron_75 in the so-called paradise of God. The admirable Moses,
Euseb]:Chron_95 year of Abraham, God appeared to him and said that he
Euseb]:Chron_97 years. [p97] But God, who had appeared to Abraham, appea
Euseb]:Chron_101 asked for a king, and God gave them Saul the son of Kis
Euseb]:Chron_111 evil ways, he was rejected by God and suffered divine pun
Euseb]:Chron_121 to fulfil the word of God which was spoken through the
Euseb]:Chron_129 odes' reign, Christ the Son of God was born in Bethlehem
Euseb]:Chron_151 ed, I know not why, that God was angry with us, and there
ExcBarb_36B years, and then the Lord God handed over the kingdom of
ExcBarb_47A and worshipped the Lord God, saying: "Glory to you Lord,
ExcBarb_52A am the witness of the living God. You can shed my blood,
ExcBarb_52B cried out, "Mountain of God, take me in, the mother with
Hieron:Chron_1685 red a sacrifice to God, and granted many honours to the
Hieron:Chron_1717 his great piety towards God and the concern which he show
Hieron:Chron_1848 used for the worship of God, he set up a statue of Olympi
Hieron:Chron_1857 struck down by the anger of God, and died. And so Judas
Hieron:Chron_2015 "Christ" - Ar.], the son of God, was born at Bethlehem
Hieron:Chron_2044 saying that Christ the son of God had come among them.
Hieron:Chron_2045 Christ, the son of God, announced the road to salvation
Hieron:Chron_2046 Jesus Christ, the son of God, revealed to his disciples
Joseph:AJ_* 12.21-26 * hey are in, because that God, who supporteth thy kingdom,
Joseph:AJ_12.37 being the legislation of God; [38] for which cause it is,
Joseph:AJ_12.43 both his piety towards God, and his kind disposition to
Joseph:AJ_12.47 ptable gift, which I devote to God for his providence over
Joseph:AJ_12.52 the piety thou hast towards God. [53] We also showed
Joseph:AJ_12.58 which the king sent to God, that all may see how great
Joseph:AJ_12.77 was already dedicated to God, yet that in exquisite workma
Joseph:AJ_12.85 Jerusalem, and dedicated to God there. But when Eleazar
Joseph:AJ_12.90 them; and, above all, to that God whose laws they appeare
Joseph:AJ_* 12.111-113 * ted it were afflicted by God." [112] He also told him, tha
Joseph:AJ_12.117 cisterns to be dedicated to God. [118] He also desired
Joseph:AJ_12.125 was called Theos, The God) had bestowed on them, [126]
Joseph:AJ_12.136 ncerning the presence of God about that temple, yet do I
Joseph:AJ_12.140 of their piety towards God, to bestow on them, as a pens
Joseph:AJ_12.146 make acceptable atonements to God. And he that transgress
Joseph:AJ_12.150 of their piety towards God, and because I know that my
Joseph:AJ_12.206 the temple and sacrificed to God. According to which way
Joseph:AJ_12.251 which they used to offer to God, according to the law.
Joseph:AJ_12.253 built an idol altar upon God's altar, he slew swine upon
Joseph:AJ_12.257 Gerizzim belonged to Almighty God. This was according to
Joseph:AJ_12.271 and for the worship of God, let him follow me." And when
Joseph:AJ_12.281 just reasoning, that if God see that you are so disposed
Joseph:AJ_12.285 sons, and had prayed to God to be their assistant, and
Joseph:AJ_12.290 xercise of piety towards God; [291] and that they had the
Joseph:AJ_12.300 heir hopes of victory in God, and to make supplication to
Joseph:AJ_12.302 us the liberty of worshipping God. [303] Since therefore
Joseph:AJ_12.307 naked bodies, for that God had sometimes of old given
Joseph:AJ_* 12.312-316 * oy, and singing hymns to God for their good success; for
Joseph:AJ_12.323 rifices; and he honoured God, and delighted them by hymns
Joseph:AJ_12.357 ple, and contemned their God; and when he had said this,
Joseph:AJ_12.406 which they offered to God for the king: upon which he
Joseph:AJ_12.407 what he had said, and besought God to deliver them from
Joseph:AJ_12.413 ts, he was smitten suddenly by God, and fell down. This
Joseph:AJ_13.13 he had prayed to God to give them the victory, he joined
Joseph:AJ_* 13.64-72 * be a temple built to Almighty God in Egypt by a man that
Joseph:AJ_13.76 and they took an oath by God and the king to make their
Joseph:AJ_13.80 been promoted to it by God's providence, and had conquer
Joseph:AJ_13.163 nd, by the providence of God, he sent ambassadors to the
Joseph:AJ_13.168 ays, offer sacrifices to God, we pray to him for your pres
Joseph:AJ_13.199 and for that worship of God which is peculiar to you; [20
Joseph:AJ_13.200 against you, and, with God's assistance, to preserve you
Joseph:AJ_13.230 first place propitiated God by sacrifices, he then made
Joseph:AJ_13.242 gave way to this piety towards God, and made that truce
Joseph:AJ_13.282 igh priest Hyrcanus, how God came to discourse with him;
Joseph:AJ_13.289 whereby he might please God, which was the profession of
Joseph:AJ_13.299 was esteemed by God worthy of three of the greatest pri
Joseph:AJ_13.300 and prophecy; [300] for God was with him, and enabled him
Joseph:AJ_13.304 nacles to [the honour of God,] it happened that Aristobulu
Joseph:AJ_13.316 ve, to be concealed from God, in the impious and horrid
Joseph:AJ_13.322 tigonus and Aristobulus, God appeared to him in his sleep,
Joseph:AJ_* 14.22-28 * be was, and beloved of God, who, in a certain drought,
Joseph:AJ_14.41 to the priests of that God whom they worshipped; and [th
Joseph:AJ_14.65 iety we exercise towards God, and the observance of his
Joseph:AJ_14.73 ings the law required to God; and restored the high priest
Joseph:AJ_14.110 those that worshipped God, nay, even those of Asia and
Joseph:AJ_14.113 only what appertains to God; and it is evident that the
Joseph:AJ_14.174 take you notice, that God is great, and that this very
Joseph:AJ_14.183 nsider, that since it is God that turns the scales of war,
Joseph:AJ_14.257 regard to piety towards God, and to holiness; and since
Joseph:AJ_14.260 heir prayers and sacrifices to God. [261] Now the senate
Joseph:AJ_14.312 make that peace which God hath given us common to our
Joseph:AJ_14.391 to Herodes; [391] but God, by sending rain in the night
Joseph:AJ_14.414 ssed on to Sepphoris, as God sent a snow, while Antigonus'
Joseph:AJ_14.455 one see what kindness God had for the king, for the upp
Joseph:AJ_14.462 danger, which yet, by God's providence, he escaped; [46
Joseph:AJ_14.470 ble to the people, as if God would deliver them out of the
Joseph:AJ_14.477 heir daily sacrifices to God, they sent an embassy, and
Joseph:AJ_14.488 cated a crown of gold to God, he marched away from Jerusal
Joseph:AJ_* 20.225-228 * of Moses, officiated to God as a high priest, and that,
Joseph:AJ_20.236 temple which he built to God in the prefecture of Heliopol
Joseph:AJ_20.243 the office of high priest to God. [244] But when he had
Joseph:BJ_01.56 had offered sacrifice to God, he made great haste to attac
Joseph:BJ_01.73 to make tabernacles for God, it happened, in those days,
Joseph:BJ_01.84 the all-seeing eye of God, as to the great crimes I hav
Joseph:BJ_01.111 woman of great piety towards God. But these Pharisees
Joseph:BJ_01.148 orship, was still performed to God with the utmost exactne
Joseph:BJ_01.150 duties about their worship to God before their own preser
Joseph:BJ_01.215 we ought to reckon that God is the arbitrator of success
Joseph:BJ_01.331 of being very dear to God; for that evening there feast
Joseph:BJ_01.357 cated a crown of gold to God, and then went away from Jeru
Joseph:BJ_1.373 ake, that I imagine that God has thereby laid a bait for
Joseph:BJ_1.378 esteemed them sacrifices for God, in relation to this
Joseph:BJ_1.380 he offered sacrifice to God; and after that sacrifice,
Joseph:BJ_1.390 stopped his ears, as did God himself also, who has bestowe
Malal_207 Passover [feast] in honour of God. This was the second
Malal_226 oly virgin Mary, the mother of God, in the city of Nazaret
Plut:Cleom_22 event is in the hands of God." After she had given him
Plut:Demetr_38 should I be, if either God or man could remove his affec
Plut:Demetr_45 mortal form he moves a God no more." [46] When he had
Plut:Mor_176 at leisure, he replied: God forbid that it should ever
Plut:Mor_191 he went, and asked that God whether he was of the same
Plut:Mor_842 the Gods, What manner of God, said he, must he be, when
Plut:Mor_845 called hÍpios, that is a mild God. This also often caused
Plut:Mor_849 he grasped the image of that God in his arms. He was bro
Porph:Fr_51 and to prohibit the worship of God. They placed in the tem
Porph:Fr_53 ponent of the worship of God and] he became so haughty tha
Porph:Fr_49a ersecution of the law of God and the wars of the Maccabees
Porph:Fr_58c sacrifices in the temple of God. This interpretation
SEG_22.432 (early 2nd cent.)   God.   Good fortune.
SelPap_1.139 the fields, if by God's grace you come, you will l
SelPap_1.140 From Alypius. God permitting, expect us to pay
SelPap_1.153 father, and I pray to God that you are prosperous
SelPap_1.158 patient then, sister, until God brings me safely to
SelPap_1.160 Lord. The word of God exhorts us to succour all those
SelPap_1.162 even obstructed until God takes pity on us? For Her
SelPap_1.163 er, the mind of the Lord God regarding you has been re
SelPap_1.165 our sister Allous, greeting in God. Before all I pra
SelPap_1.166 us. For the holy God knows I have not written to pro
SelPap_1.167 insignificance. God knows, I too could have injure
SelPap_1.168 Eve, like Mary; and, as God lives, my master, neither
SelPap_1.169 orus, steward, from Victor, by God's grace land-agent.
SelPap_1.196 O God almighty, holy, true, ben
SelPap_1.197 O God of our patron Saint Philo
SelPap_1.23 Master Jesus Christ, our God and Saviour, in the 20th
SelPap_1.24 Master Jesus Christ, our God and Saviour, in the 1st
SelPap_1.25 Master Jesus Christ, our God and Saviour, in the 3rd
SelPap_1.61 ee, swearing by Almighty God and the divine and heav
SelPap_1.80 holy principal church of God under our most holy and p
SelPap_1.86 mperial oath by Almighty God and by the supremacy and
SelPap_1.87 strious Antinoopolis, by God before all and by the di
SelPap_1.9 are pleasing neither to God nor man and are not fi
SelPap_2.251 ereby agree, swearing by God the Almighty and the p
SelPap_2.252 security, swearing by God Almighty and the piety of
SelPap_2.363 ng, that by the leave of God you should come to the Th
SelPap_2.386 ndria, apart from act of God and dangers by river and
SelPap_2.396 ghty king, ordering with God's guidance all the cities
SelPap_2.429 ermen of Oxyrhyncha, and God came to the rescue and t
SelPap_2.430 aimakis, by the grace of God dioecetes, from Phoeba
SelPap_2.432 letter} In the name of God, Kurrah son of Sharik, go
SelPap_2.433 letter) In the name of God, Kurrah son of Sharik, go
SelPap_2.434 In the name of God, Kurrah ibn Sharik, gover
THI_105 (c. 200)   Good God.   With good fortu
Timoth:Pers_139 Ecbatana. My great God, Artemis, over to Ephesus will prot

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