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  Glabrio 2   (M'. Acilius Glabrio) - Roman consul, 191 B.C.
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  + Acilius
196/8 The praetor M'.Glabrio suppresses a conspiracy of slaves in Etruria.
191/_ Consuls: M'. Acilius C.f. Glabrio, P. Cornelius Cn.f. Scipio Nasica
191/1 Acilius passes a law, which according to Fulvius is the first law to
191/2 Acilius leaves Rome.
191/3 Acilius crosses over to Greece from Brundisium.
191/14 Acilius captures Heracleia.
190/4 Acilius captures Lamia.
190/12 Acilius gives offerings to the temple at Delphi.
190/13 Sp.Ligustinus serves under Acilius in Greece.
190/18 Acilius celebrates a triumph over Antiochus and the Aetolians.
189/20 Cato accuses Acilius, a rival candidate for the censorship, of approp
181/5 The temple of Pietas is dedicated by M'.Glabrio.
    Within translations:
Ennius:Ann_370   lae in 191 B.C. by Glabrio : GELLIUS : No one on that occa
FastCap_p64   Nasica , M'. Acilius C.f. L.n. Glabrio [190] & L. Corneliu
Just_31.6   ome new marriage. Acilius the Roman consul, on the other
Oros_4.20   Scipio and M. Acilius Glabrio 191 B.C. Antiochus seized
Phlegon:Mir_1   that the consul Acilius Glabrio along with the legates
Phlegon:Mir_2   to Ephesus. [2] Acilius dispatched Cato to Rome to repo
Plin:HN_7.121   of Gaius Quinctius and Manius Acilius. [122] In the house of
Syll_607   (191/0)   s statue of Manius Acilius, son of Gaius, the ge
Syll_608   (c. 178/7)   t this inscription honoured Acilius, dated it to 1
ValMax_2.5.1   of Piety. This temple his father had dedicated in the consulship

  Glabrio 3   (M'. Acilius Glabrio) - suffect consul, 154 B.C.
FastCap_p68   Acilius M'.f. C.n. Glabrio - elected in his place censors:
ValMax_2.5.1   was erected by M'. Acilius Glabrio in honour of his father,

  Glabrio 4   (M'. Acilius Glabrio) - tribune of the plebs, 122 B.C.
122/19 Glabrio, a colleague of Gracchus, passes a law against extortion, the

  Glabrio 5   (M'. Acilius Glabrio) - Roman consul, 67 B.C.
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  + Acilius
82/13 Scaevola avoids the expense of speaking in defence of Glabrio.
67/_ Consuls: C. Calpurnius Piso, M'. Acilius M'.f. Glabrio
67/3 Acilius is appointed to take over Lucullus' command in Bithynia and
67/7 Acilius punishes the praetor L.Lucullus, for not standing in his pres
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_239 contemporary M'. Glabrio, though carefully instructed

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