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  Getae   - a Thracian tribe, living near the river Danube
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  + Getic
[Tib]:PanMes_135   ebrus and the Tanais water the Getae and the Magyni. [147]
Aelian:NA_15.24   pirited than the horses of the Getae. [25] & It is report
AnthPal_6.332   with his spear the insolent Getae. But, Lord of the bla
Athen_14.627   History, says - " The Getae make all their proclamation
FastTr_p110   oconsul, & from Thrace and the Getae, 4 non.Jul. (4th July
Julian:Caes_311   trophies of his wars with the Getae and the Parthians.
Julian:Caes_320   Alexander against the Getae with my conquest of Gaul?
Julian:Caes_327   isplayed to the gods his Getic and Parthian trophies, whil
Just_25.1   routed the forces of the Getae and Triballi, and preparing
Just_32.3   Dacians are descendants of the Getae. This people having
Memn_5   ally of Lysimachus against the Getae, and was captured alo
Oros_1.16   On the contrary, recently these Getae, who are at present also
Plin:HN_4.41   is inhabited by the Moesi, Getae, Aedi, Scaugdae and Clariae, and
Plin:HN_4.80   coast, in one place the Getae, called by the Romans Dacians,
Polyaen_6.Preface   gated Britons, and the humbled Getae. The Persians and the
Polyaen_7.38.1   hired two thousand light-armed Getae. He ordered them to

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