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  Genthius   - king of Illyria, 180-168 B.C.
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  + Gentius
180/21 L.Duronius accuses the Illyrian king Genthius of encouraging piracy.
179/12 Genthius murders his brother Plator.
169/4 Perseus attempts to persuade Genthius the Illyrian king to join him
169/33 Genthius joins the war as an ally of Perseus against Rome.
168/14 Anicius captures Genthius, the king of the Illyrians.
167/32 The triumph of Anicius, over Genthius and the Illyrians.
    Within translations:
Athen_14.615   ns, and brought with him Genthius the king of the Illyrian
FastTr_p104   propraetor, & over king Genthius and the Illyrians, Quiri
Festus:Brev_7   we received them, with King Gentius, in capitulation.
Obseq_11   flowed. The king of Illyricum, Gentius, and Perses of Macedonia were
Oros_4.20.30   Illyrians united under their king Gentius.
Syll_643   (171/0)   reek] cities, [he set Genthios the Illyrian against
ValMax_3.3.2   on the way by king Gentius, and when he was commanded

  Genthius   - in documents
Syll_636 (178)   as, the son of Nikon; Genthios of Demetrias, the

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