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  Gazara   - a town in central Palestine, called Gezer in the bible
Wikipedia entry     ☆ DARE (map)
141/2 Simon captures Gazara and the citadel of Jerusalem.
    Within translations:
1Macc_4 pursued them to Gazara, and to the plains of Idumaea,
1Macc_7 ey, from Adasa as far as Gazara, and as they followed kept
1Macc_9 city of Beth-zur, and Gazara, and the citadel, and in
1Macc_* 13-16 * days Simon encamped against Gazara and surrounded it
2Macc_10 to a stronghold called Gazara, especially well garrisone
Joseph:AJ_13.15 Pharatho, and Tecoa, and Gazara, [16] and built towers in
Joseph:AJ_13.215 for Simon overthrew the city Gazara, and Joppa, and Jamn
Joseph:AJ_13.261 ppa, and the havens, and Gazara, and the springs [of Jorda
Joseph:BJ_01.50 rageous manner, and took Gazara, and Joppa, and Jamneia,

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