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  Gabinius 3   (A. Gabinius) - a Roman general, killed in 89 B.C.
89/30 A.Gabinius is defeated and killed in Lucania.

  Gabinius 4   (A. Gabinius) - a Roman officer, early 1st century B.C.
81/27 Sulla sends Gabinius to recall Murena from Asia.

  Gabinius 5   (A. Gabinius) - Roman consul, 58 B.C.
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67/4 A.Gabinius passes the Lex Gabinia, which gives Pompeius wide-ranging
67/9 but is forced to give way by the opposition of Gabinius and others.
67/40a Gabinius passes a law, which forbids loans to foreign envoys in Rome.
59/40 Gabinius and Piso, the nominees of the triumvirs, are elected consuls
58/_ Consuls: L. Calpurnius L.f. Piso Caesonius, A Gabinius A.f.
58/16 in support of Cicero, but Gabinius orders L.Lamia, one of the equi
57/13 Ariobarzanes persuades Gabinius, the new governor of Syria, to undert
57/18 Gabinius suppresses a revolt by Alexander, the son of Aristobulus;
57/28 Alexander surrenders to Gabinius, who re-organises the government of
57/41 Gabinius prevents Philippus from going to Egypt; regarded by some as
56/29 uses to grant a supplication for the victories of Gabinius in Syria.
55/3 Gabinius advances towards Mesopotamia, in order to attack the Parthia
55/4 sends a letter authorising Gabinius to assist Ptolemy' return
55/10 Gabinius invades Egypt, defeats Archelaus and reinstates Ptolemy
55/12 Gabinius leaves behind Roman soldiers in Egypt.
55/19 the Syrians demand that Gabinius should be prosecuted for his
55/24 Gabinius defeats Alexander, the son of Aristobulus, in a battle near
55/34 Gabinius attacks the Nabataeans.
54/4 ridates and Orsanes, escape from Syria, or are released by Gabinius.
54/25 arrival of Crassus in Syria, Gabinius sails back to Rome, accompanied
54/37 Gabinius returns to Rome, where he tries to avoid attention.
54/41 Gabinius is prosecuted for illegally invading Egypt, but he is acquit
54/42 pinion at Rome turns against Gabinius, and he is even blamed for a
53/1 Gabinius is convicted of extortion.
47/12 Gabinius, the general of Caesar, is defeated by the Illyrians, and
    Within translations:
Athen_5.206 excited the war against Gabinius, who was not a man, but
Cassiod:Chr_696 us. [696] &   L. Piso and A. Gabinius. & In the year of
Euseb]:Chron_261 ndria to rule there, but Gabinius, an officer of Pompeius
FastCap_p76 L.f. L.n. Piso Caesoninus , A. Gabinius A.f. . . [57] &
Hieron:Chron_1924 ter, Philippus was captured by Gabinius. Syria, which had
Joseph:AJ_14.37 had taken bribes; first Gabinius, and then Scaurus, - the
Joseph:AJ_14.55 forgave him, and sent Gabinius, and soldiers with him,
Joseph:AJ_14.56 of this performed; but Gabinius came back, being both
Joseph:AJ_* 14.82-92 * incursion into Judaea, Gabinius came from Rome into Syri
Joseph:AJ_* 14.96-98 * brought as a captive to Gabinius, with his son Antigonus,
Joseph:AJ_* 14.101-104 * ed. [101] But when Gabinius found Syria in such a state,
Joseph:AJ_14.326 time when he was with Gabinius, he made both Herodes
Joseph:BJ_01.140 uld not so much as admit Gabinius into the city, who was
Joseph:BJ_* 01.160-179 * own by Pompeius, had not Gabinius, who was sent as success
Joseph:BJ_01.244 marched into Judaea with Gabinius; so he constituted the

  Gabinius   - in documents
CIL_1.2280 CIL_1 .2280 Latin Text Valus Gabinius. Avennio (Avig
CIL_1.412 arquinii. I, Retus Gabinius, slave of Gaius, made yo

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