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  Furius   (P. Furius) - tribune of the plebs, 99 B.C.
102/27 Metellus punishes P.Furius.
99/1 The tribune P.Furius blocks the return from exile of Metellus Numidic
98/6 P.Furius is brought to trial, and killed in a riot.
97/1 .Decianus, the prosecutor of Furius, is himself condemned for his rem
Oros_5.17   the consul Marius and of Furius (the latter was a tribune
ValMax_8.1d.2   accused on the rostra P. Furius, a man of a lewd

  Furius 2   (L. Furius, or Turius) - Roman praetor, 75 B.C.
73/22 Spartacus defeats two more Roman commanders, Furius and Cossinius.

  Furius 3   - a centurion who took part in the capture of Jerusalem, 63 B.C.
Joseph:AJ_14.69 wall, and next to him Furius the centurion, with those
Joseph:BJ_01.149 him were two centurions, Furius and Fabius; and every one

  Furius 4   (A. Furius Tertius) - Roman senator, 1st century B.C.
Joseph:AJ_14.239 the Colline tribe, Aulus Furius Tertius, the son of Aulus,

  Furius 5   (A. Furius Antias) - Roman poet, who lived about 100 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
Cic:Brut_132 to the poet, A. Furius, an intimate acquaintance of his

  Furius   - in documents
CIL_1.48 Text Two dedications of Marcus Furius. Small pillars f
CIL_1.49 Marcus Furius, military tribune, son of Ga
CIL_1.1443 Anicius, freedman of Publius Furius, freedman of Pub
CIL_1.1510 intended when free . . . Petro Furius, slave of Luciu
CIL_1.1652 .1652 [xi] Publius Furius, a fine man. I a
CIL_1.2689 ocles, slave of Numerius Furius Philomusus, slave of G

Furiussee Bibaculus

Furiussee Camillus

Furiussee Crassipes

Furiussee Fusus

Furiussee Medullinus

Furiussee Pacilus

Furiussee Philus

Furiussee Purpureo

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