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  Fulvius   (L. Fulvius Curvus) - Roman consul, 322 B.C.
322/_ Consuls: Q. Fabius Maximus Rullianus, L. Fulvius Curvus
321/3 L.Fulvius (or the dictator A.Cornelius) celebrates a triumph over the
    Within translations:
FastTr_p95   n.Mart. (5th March) 322/1 & L. Fulvius L.f. L.n. Curvus,
Plin:HN_7.136   ancestors even to Latium. Lucius Fulvius also is one of the
ValMax_2.4.7   when Ap. Claudius and Q. Fulvius were consuls. It was given

  Fulvius 2   (M. Fulvius Curvus Paetinus) - consul suffectus, 305 B.C.
FastCap_p48 ugurinus - died in office , M. Fulvius L.f. L.n. Curvus
FastTr_p96 .Quint. (29th June) 305/4 & M. Fulvius L.f. L.n. Curvus

  Fulvius 3   (L. Fulvius) - a Roman banker, late 3rd century B.C.
202/18 L.Fulvius is sent to prison for wearing a chaplet of roses.

  Fulvius 4   (A. Fulvius) - a Roman who took part in the conspiracy of Catilina, 63 B.C.
63/61 Fulvius, Clodius and others leave Rome with the intention of joining

  Fulvius   - in documents
CIL_1.1068 CIL_1 .1068 Latin Text Aulus Fulvius, freedman of A
CIL_1.678 eedman of Marcus Quintus Fulvius, freedman of Fulvia P
CIL_1.825 CIL_1 .825 Quintus Fulvius. On a stone ped

Fulviussee Centumalus

Fulviussee Flaccus

Fulviussee Macrianus

Fulviussee Nobilior

Fulviussee Paetinus

Fulviussee Quietus

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