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  Fonteius   (C. Fonteius) - legate of the praetor Servilius, 90 B.C.
91/33 etor Q.Servilius, his legate Fonteius, and other Romans are murdered

  Fonteius 2   (M. Fonteius) - Roman praetor, about 75 B.C.
84/32 M.Fonteius' upright behaviour as quaestor.
81/70 M.Fonteius is sent on a mission to further Spain.
77/21 pius Claudius and his legate Fonteius defend Macedonia against raids
74/3 Fonteius leaves Rome for Gaul.
73/1 Gaul, where supplies are provided to him by the governor Fonteius.
72/55 Fonteius impoverishes the province of Gaul by his exactions.
69/24 Cic:Font_, Cicero's speech in defence of M.Fonteius.
Cicero,- CICERO, Oratio pro Fonteio

  Fonteius 3   (P. Fonteius) - adoptive father of P.Clodius
59/13 transferred to the plebeians, after being "adopted" by P.Fonteius.

  Fonteius 4   (A. Fonteius) - an officer in Caesar's army
46/15 orcments, but dismisses Avienus and Fonteius, two disloyal tribunes.

Fonteiussee Capito7

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