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  Europe   - the continent of Europe
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320/1 mades urges Perdiccas to cross over into Europe to attack Antipater.
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Aelian:NA_12.14 and in the Strymon in Europe, and resembles the Europea
Aelian:NA_14.23 largest of the rivers of Europe, the Ister, ** rises from
Aelian:NA_15.25 more southerly parts of Europe, especially when the South
Aelian:NA_16.41 somewhat like the scorpions of Europe. He also says that
Aelian:NA_17.46 Mnaseas in his work On Europe says that there is a templ
Alcaeus_16.5 slavery on the neck of Europe, the other to put an end
AnthPal_16.6 The sovereign lord of Europe, who by sea and land is
Arrian:Fr_1 general of the forces in Europe; that Craterus should look
Athen_4.168 entary on the Affairs of Europe, says "that Gnosippus, who
Athen_5.213 donia, and every part of Europe is coming over bodily to
Athen_6.246 book of his history of Europe, says that Anthemocritus
Athen_6.261 too, though a great part of Europe belonged to them.
Athen_6.272 istory of the Affairs of Europe, says that the Dardanians
Athen_9.387 istory of the Affairs of Europe, speaking of the river Pha
Athen_12.527 book of his Affairs of Europe, says- [528] &# "The Aryca
Athen_12.550 book of his History of Europe, says that Magas, who was
Athen_14.650 book of his History of Europe, tells us that the Boeotia
Diod_37.1 struggle between Europe and Asia, while the two largest
Diod_37.29 acts, both in Africa and Europe, so that his name was famo
Diod_40.7 ost northerly regions of Europe, when he describes the exp
Ennius:Ann_369 crossing from Asia to Europe (480 B.C.) : VARRO : The
Ennius:Ann_546 the greedy wave parts Europe and Libya, think they have
Euseb]:Chron_73 of the inhabitants of Europe, from Mount Amanus to the
Euseb]:Chron_141 Asia in nine years, as well as Europe as far as Thrace.
Festus:Brev.9 obtained the coastal cities of Europe. Through Thrace, Mar
Joseph:AJ_13.165 the kings of Asia and Europe, and to the governors of
Joseph:AJ_14.110 even those of Asia and Europe, sent their contributions
Joseph:AJ_14.186 the kings of Asia and Europe have had to us, and that
Julian:Caes_320 for he led also those European forces which had often
Julian:Caes_321 umber, not only in Asia but in Europe as well. Alexander
Just_2.4 uing the greater part of Europe, they possessed themselves
Just_11.1 een provoked, at another Europe that was not yet pacified,
Just_11.5 acedonia and the rest of Europe, among his friends, saying
Just_11.9 of their conquests in Europe, and at another of their
Just_12.16 tion of his double empire over Europe and Asia. The very
Just_16.2 war against Demetrius, into Europe. With these leaders
Just_44.1 forms the boundary of Europe, will also form the conclu
Malal_192 to Byzupolis in Europe, and founded a place [193] which
Malal_196 uled over Macedonia and all of Europe. Philippus was king,
Malal_221 ched across the whole of Europe, he crossed over from Byza
Memn_18 battles, and drove him out of Europe. Resuming after thi
NicDam_127.14 completed the wars in Europe, had conquered Pompeius
NicDam_130.80 battles in both Asia and Europe, it appeared that he had
Phlegon:Mir_7 war upon any of the peoples of Europe. Breaking camp at
Phlegon:Mir_9 that crossing over from Europe to Asia you will overcome
Polyaen_4.7.2 ned on his expedition to Europe, he wished to conceal from
Poseidon_98 sia, and the other consists of Europe and Africa. The poin
PsCallisth_1.21 take Asia and vanquish Europe, could not cross his own
PsCallisth_1.35 elf the greatest king of Europe, Asia and Libya, speaks
PsCallisth_2.1 controlled the districts of Europe. But the Thebans,
PsCallisth_3.28 which flows between Asia and Europe. We came to the pala
Simonid_7.296 Since the sea parted Europe from Asia, since fierce

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