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  Eumenes   I - king of Pergamon, 263-241 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
262/10 taerus, who is succeeded as ruler of Pergamon by his nephew Eumenes.
262/11 Eumenes defeats Antiochus I at Sardis.
240/10 Eumenes narrowly escapes being captured by Galatians.
240/11 OGIS_267, a letter from Eumenes I to Pergamon.
240/12 _266, recording a settlement between Eumenes I and his mercenaries.
240/13 The death of Eumenes I.
    Within translations:
Athen_10.445   nor do you consider that Eumenes the king of Pergamon, the
OGIS_335   (150-133)   and they showed that Eumenes, when he took over po
RC_16   (c. 260)   [Eumenes to the generals, hipparch
SEG_31.575   (170) came to us with king Eumenes and his brother Attalos at

  Eumenes 2   II - king of Pergamon, 197-160 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
193/6 olemaeus and Ariarathes, but Eumenes refuses to marry the third daugh
192/12a Syll_605, a dedication by Eumenes II of spoils from the war against
191/27 The Romans and Eumenes defeat the fleet of Antiochus at Corycus.
189/7 King Eumenes addresses the senate, together with embassies from Antio
189/8a Athenian decree in honour of (?) Menander, an associate of Eumenes.
187/6c SEG_55.926, regulations for a priest of Eumenes at Cos.
186/13 The outbreak of war between Eumenes and Prusias.
185/1 Embassies from Eumenes and other Greek states complain to the senate
185/3 Achaean assembly discusses relations with Eumenes and Ptolemy.
185/13 embassies from Philippus and Eumenes, the Achaeans and Sparta, and
184/9c cree of Telmessus celebrating a victory of Eumenes against Ortiagon.
183/5b Syll_627, a treaty between Eumenes and the cities of Crete.
183/23 senate receives envoys from Eumenes, Pharnaces, and Philippus, and
183/26 annibal defeats the fleet of Eumenes by throwing pots full of poisono
183/30 Prusias and Eumenes agree peace terms.
182/10a RC_49 & 50, letters from Eumenes to Iasus and Cos concerning the cul
182/11 phictyonic Council honouring Eumenes and recognising the festival of
182/11a Syll_628 & 629, a decree of the Aetolians honouring Eumenes.
182/20 Envoys from Eumenes, Ariarathes, Pharnaces, and Philippus, and from
181/7 Pharnaces in the war against Eumenes, because of the terms of the tre
181/13 office, and the brothers of Eumenes appear before the senate in
181/14 Austin_202, a letter from Eumenes to Artemidorus, the governor of
180/2 Pharnaces renews the war against Eumenes.
180/11 Roman embassy mediates between Pharnaces and Eumenes.
180/18 Eumenes attempts to prevent ships sailing through the Hellespont into
179/3 Pharnaces and Eumenes agree to peace terms.
179/15 of Byzantium, after being accused of planning to flee to Eumenes.
175/13 ecree of (?) Athens praising Eumenes for his help in establishing Ant
173/11 Eumenes visits Rome and accuses Perseus before the senate.
172/1 Eumenes is hit by a rock fall near Delphi, allegedly as a result
172/2 Greece and Macedonia, and supports the accusations made by Eumenes.
172/6 -in-law Stratonice, following false rumours of the death of Eumenes.
170/34 The Achaean league restores the honours given to Eumenes.
169/28 contacts between the Macedonians and Cydas, an officer of Eumenes.
169/34 Alleged negotiations between Perseus and Eumenes.
168/51 The Galatians attack Eumenes.
168/52 from Antiochus, Ptolemy, Eumenes and Masinissa, and from Pisa and
167/2 Attalus the brother of Eumenes appears before the senate.
167/12 arrange an end to the fighting between Eumenes and the Galatians.
167/12b _651, an Athenian decree in honour of Diodorus, a friend of Eumenes.
167/35 Eumenes arrives at Brundisium, but he returns home after the Roman
166/1 OGIS_763, a letter from Eumenes II to the Ionian League.
166/12 Eumenes defeats the Galatians.
165/6c SEG_57.1109, a letter from Eumenes II to the city of Tabae in Caria.
165/6d decree of Delphi concerning games at Sardis in honour of Eumenes.
164/4a SEG_57.1157, a letter from Eumenes II granting concessions to the
163/4 senate to defend his brother Eumenes against the accusations of Prusi
163/16 The Roman envoy Gallus investigates accusations against Eumenes.
163/25a RC_55, a letter from Eumenes to Attis.
160/15 Eumenes and Demetrius give gifts of grain to the Rhodians.
159/1 Attalus defends Eumenes against the accusations of Prusias.
159/3a 71, a decree of Delphi establishing a festival in honour of Eumenes.
159/11 dicated to Apollonis at Cyzicus by her children Eumenes and Attalus.
159/11a RC_56-60, letters from Eumenes and Attalus to Attis.
158/4 The poet Leschides accompanies Eumenes on his campaigns.
158/5 Eumenes creates a library at Pergamon by collecting a large number
158/6a ustin_236, two letters from Eumenes to the inhabitants of Tyriaeum.
158/6b RC_53, a letter from Eumenes to the Dionysiac artists at Teos.
158/7 General remarks on the character of Eumenes, a wise and loyal king.
158/8 The death of Eumenes II, and accession of Attalus II.
158/6c SEG_36.1048, a decree of Myūs, granting divine honours to Eumenes.

  Eumenes 3   of Cardia - a general who fought against Antigonus I, died 316 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
324/40 Perdiccas, Eumenes and Seleucus are promoted to new posts following
322/6 Eumenes decides to leave Leonnatus, and joins Perdiccas.
322/10 of Cappadocia, and appoints Eumenes to be governor of the region.
322/44 Eumenes recruits a local cavalry force of over 6,000 men.
320/5 crosses over to Asia, and attacks Eumenes and Cleopatra at Sardis.
320/7 optolemus deserts to Antipater and attacks Eumenes, but is defeated.
320/10 tolemus in another attack on Eumenes, but they are defeated and are
320/14 fter the death of Perdiccas, and Eumenes is declared a public enemy.
320/24 Antigonus is appointed to lead the war against Eumenes.
320/30 Eumenes is advised by Cleopatra to leave Sardis, and retires to Celae
319/3 Eumenes is trapped and defeated by Antigonus at Orcynia.
319/4 Eumenes secretly prevents his soldiers from attacking Antigonus' bagg
319/13 Eumenes withstands a siege by Antigonus at Nora.
318/1 Antigonus sends Hieronymus to end the siege of Eumenes.
318/11 perchon and Olympias appoint Eumenes to be commander of the Macedonia
318/14 Eumenes gains the loyalty of the "Silver Shields" by invoking the nam
318/22 Eumenes gathers a large force of mercenaries, despite the opposition
318/31 Eumenes attempts to gain control of Phoenicia.
318/33 Antigonus sends a force through Cilicia to attack Eumenes.
317/1 Eumenes marches to the east, and crosses the Tigris despite oppositio
317/6 Eumenes joins up with the Eastern satraps and assumes overall command
317/8 Susa, but is prevented by Eumenes from crossing the river Coprates
317/18 enes and Antigonus march to meet each other, but Eumenes falls sick.
317/19 drawn battle between Eumenes and Antigonus at Paraetacene.
317/23 Antigonus and Eumenes rest their armies: the wife of the Indian gener
317/24 launch a surprise attack on Eumenes, but his army reveals its positi
317/25 Eumenes tricks Antigonus into delaying his attack.
316/4 Antigonus makes an unsuccessful attack on Eumenes' elephants.
316/5 The leaders of the Silver Shields begin to plot against Eumenes.
316/10 Antigonus defeats Eumenes in Gabiene.
316/11 Eumenes is handed over to Antigonus by his own army.
316/13 ession of a large force of elephants after his victory over Eumenes.
316/14 Stratagems employed by Antigonus against Eumenes.
316/15 The character of Eumenes, and his skill as a general.
316/16 Antigonus puts Eumenes to death.
316/17 The funeral of Eumenes.
Plutarch-   PLUTARCH, Life of Eumenes
Arrian:Fr_1   ucus the son of Antiochus, and Eumenes of Cardia. Meleager
Arrian:Fr_9-11 *   aughter Cleopatra. Eumenes of Cardia favoured Cleopatra,
ExcBarb_33B   over Pontus He appointed Eumenes [? as it is recorded] to
FGrH_155.3   Cassandreia. [3] Eumenes, one of the cleverest of the
Just_13.4-8 *   and Paphlagonia were given to Eumenes. 17 The chief comma
Just_14.1-4 *   853) BOOK 14 [14.1] When Eumenes found that Perdiccas was
Just_15.1   and his brother, with Eumenes and Polysperchon, and oth
Just_41.4   of Upper Asia, followed Eumenes, and, when he was defeate
Nepos_18.1   [1]   Eumenes of Cardia. ** If this
Nepos_18.2   time Cappadocia was given to Eumenes, or rather, promised to him,
Oros_3.23   place, Neoptolemus and Eumenes contended fiercely against
Plut:Eum_1-19 *   historian writes, that Eumenes of Cardia was the son of
Polyaen_4.6.10-15 *   between Antigonus and Eumenes, in which the victory was
Polyaen_4.6.19   who were commanded by Eumenes, and his force was inferi
Polyaen_4.6.9   great sums of money from Eumenes, were under the conduct
Polyaen_4.8.1-5 *   ere enabled to cross it. [8] Eumenes. Eumenes was clo
PsCallisth_3.31   emy, Olcias, Lysimachus, Eumenes, Asander did not know wha
PsCallisth_3.33   Paphlagonia and Cappadocia to Eumenes, the secretary. The

  Eumenes 4   - governor of Amastris, 3rd century B.C.
Memn_9 offering money. Eumenes, who held Amastris, was swayed

  Eumenes   - in documents
AnthPal_11.40 { Ph 3 } & Cleodemus, Eumenes' boy, is still small, but
OGIS_130 (c. 143/2)   ysios son of Sokrates Eumenes son of Dionysios Apol
OGIS_196 (32)   atriates Symmachos, Eumenes, Apollonios son of Char
SEG_44.1108 (158)   son of Arapios, with Eumenes son of Menandros ac
Syll_322 son of Antiochos son of Eumenes &[ 79/8 ] Pausanias
Syll_648 (c. 194)   yros of Samos, the son of Eumenes. [B] Satyros of

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