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  Eubulus   - a writer of Middle Comedy, 4th century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
Apollod:Fr_75   erformed in the plays of Eubulus; Ararōs, who perform
Athen_1.28   their door. And Eubulus- & In Thasian wine or Chian soa
Athen_2.43   le-berry is black. Eubulus says that - & Water makes those
Athen_6.239   ing to supper. And Eubulus says in his Oedipus - & The man
Athen_6.247   heir evidence. And Eubulus says, in his Daedalus - & He
Athen_6.248   your master. And Eubulus has the word κα&kap
Athen_6.260   early the same thing, as Eubulus the comic poet tells us
Athen_9.369   getable is mentioned by Eubulus, in his Ancylion, where
Athen_10.442   ways run away. And Eubulus, in his Man Glued, says that
Athen_11.460   also in Anaxandrides' Melilot   Eubulus has it in Leda :
Athen_11.467   mentioned under this name by Eubulus in The thus : "{A}
Athen_11.471   . . ."   So Eubulus in Dolon : "I have
Athen_11.473   his blanket and knapsack."   Eubulus often mentions the word in
Athen_11.478   in The Babylonians   Eubulus in Odysseus or The
Athen_11.494   but a flat cup. Eubulus also, in his Mylothris, mention
Athen_11.494   mentioned as a cup by Eubulus also in Maid of the
Athen_11.500   saucers, tragelaphoi, cylices." And Eubulus in Glued : "But
Athen_12.519   their places. And Eubulus the comic writer has said the
Athen_12.553   poor feet some baccaris. And Eubulus, in his Sphinx-Cari
Athen_13.557   women are not such as Eubulus speaks of in his Female
Athen_13.559   others. [8.] And Eubulus, in his Chrysilla, says- & May
Athen_13.562   to the truth. And Eubulus, or Araros, in his Campylion,
Athen_13.567   nly quotes the verses of Eubulus, in his Cercopes:- & I
Athen_13.568   lled in the Pannuchis of Eubulus - & Thrifty decoys, who
Athen_13.571   with smiles. And Eubulus, in his Campylion, introducing
Athen_14.622   lines out of the Auge of Eubulus - & Wretched man, why
Athen_14.640   Cretan Women : and, as Eubulus said in his Rich Woman
Athen_14.642   meats on the table. And Eubulus, in his Campylion, says,
Athen_14.646   arisian cheesecake. And Eubulus, in his Ancylion, speaks
Athen_14.653   pes in wine, Accordingly Eubulus, in his Glued Together,
Athen_15.666   and then let down again. Eubulus, in his Bellerophon says -
Athen_15.668   those who received them. And Eubulus, in his Ancylion mentions them,
Athen_15.678   in Love with Himself And Eubulus, in his Oenomaus, or Pelops
Athen_15.679   Eubulus also gives a list of
Athen_15.685   And Eubulus, in his Nurses says -
Athen_15.690   Eubulus, in his Female Garland-sellers says

  Eubulus 2   - son of Spintharus; Athenian statesman, 4th century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
Plut:Mor_840 do, being favoured by Eubulus the son of Spintharus,
Plut:Phoc_7 to this division, Eubulus, Aristophon, Demosthenes, Lycur

  Eubulus 3   - Athenian archon, 345 B.C.
Apollod:Fr_38 Mytilene in the archonship of Eubulus [345/4]. Thence he
DionHal:Din_* 9-13 * lus Themistocles Archias Eubulus Lyciscus Pythodotus Sosig
FGrH_255.3 lus, Themistocles, Archias and Eubulus. In the first year

  Eubulus 4   - Athenian archon, 274 B.C.
274/_ Athenian archon: Eubulus

  Eubulus 5   - Athenian archon, (?) 265 B.C.
265/_ Athenian archon: Eubulus
    Within translations:
Syll_409 (c. 255/4)   othete in the year of Euboulos as archon {? 265/4 B

  Eubulus 6   of Erythrae - son of Antenor; Academic philsopher
Apollod:Fr_47 85/4]. After this, Eubulus of Erythrae, the son of Antenor

  Eubulus 7   of Ephesus - son Callicrates; Academic philsopher
Apollod:Fr_47 later in the same year, Eubulus of Ephesus, the son of
Apollod:Fr_53 was a pupil of Ariston, and of Eubulus of Ephesus for a

  Eubulus   - in documents
AnthPal_7.469 } & Athenagores begot Eubulus, excelled by all in fate,
LeonTar_7.452 G-P 67 } & Remember temperate Eubulus, ye passers-by. Let
SEG_43.212 (c. 200)   chmas Timasithia daughter of Eubolos : 5 drachmas .
Syll_335 (304/3)   Eleusis, the son of Euboulos: since Pheidias the
Syll_340 (3rd cent.)   ma, son of Lysikrates Euboulos of Pagoi, son of Eut
Syll_542 (228/7-212/1)   lagros of Kothokidai Euboulos of Lamptrai Eudemo
Syll_561 (c. 207/6)   nes son of Aischylos, Euboulos son of Anaxagoras,
Syll_600 (201/0)   Ariston son of Soton Euboulos son of Diphilos Alka
Syll_685 (112/1)   os son of Apollonios Euboulos son of Alexion Bo&eum
THI_126 (230-210)   ed from the contract to Euboulos of Phocis, the son
THI_98 (250-200)   nodikos son of Posis Euboulos son of Hierokles ,

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