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  Euboea   - a large island off the coast of Greece
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  + Euboean , Euboeans
322/20 The death of Aristotle, at Chalcis in Euboea.
313/5 Cassander besieges Oreus in Euboea.
288/10d .9.207, regulations for the Dionysia and Demetrieia games in Euboea.
239/2 uddenly appear at Aedepsus in Euboea and Methana in the Peloponnese.
198/8 The Roman fleet attacks Euboea.
192/18 Antiochus conquers Euboea.
93/11 to stay with Cornelius on Euboea, after failing to gain Roman supp
85/6 reats Archelaus with honour, and gives him a large estate in Euboea.
84/23 hot springs ( ? Aedepsus ) in Euboea in an attempt to cure his gout.
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_2.8 ries which reach us from Euboea of fisher-folk in those
Aelian:NA_3.35 the opposite shore of Euboea they have the same note
Aelian:NA_12.36 turn white. And in Euboea almost all oxen are born white,
AnthPal_7.256 well, Athens, the neighbour of Euboea ; farewell, dear Sea
AnthPal_7.259 We are Eretrians from Euboea and we lie near Susa, alas
AnthPal_9.90 reat precipitous rock of Euboea, grant a fair passage as
AnthPal_9.289 to the rocks of Caphereus in Euboea. [290] Philippus &ra
Antiphil_9.73 alternating flood of the Euboean gulf, vagabond water, run
Apollod:Fr_78 EPHANUS Byz.] Oreus, a city of Euboea ..... Apollodorus
Athen_5.201 Arabian sheep, twenty Euboean sheep, some white hornles
Athen_6.264 istory of the Affairs of Euboea, says, "When the Boeotians
Athen_7.281 And mix in cups the rich Euboean wine." & Sure this is rea
Athen_10.439 arrived at Chalcis, in Euboea, celebrated a marriage whe
Athen_13.601 and the Chalcidians in Euboea, were very much addicted
Athen_13.609 mpodia, calls Chalcis in Euboea "Land of fair women" - for
CIL_1.588 shall lease out Asia and Euboea or shall impose revenu
Crinag_9.429 watchman of sea-beaten Euboea, and the song set me on
Demetr:Eloc_278 ay, he was appropriating Euboea.' (Demosthenes, On the Cro
Demetr:Eloc_279 ay, he was appropriating Euboea and establishing a fortres
DiogLaert_10.137 & Of Locrian lands, and sad Euboea's hills. [138] {30}
DionHal:Din_2 city and went to Chalcis in Euboea. There he lived from
GranLic_30 of Cyzicus, and came to Euboea, where he stayed with a
Memn_22 Chalcis and the whole of Euboea had gone over to Mithridat
Nicand:Ge_76 hen. 2.54 D : & Greek text The Euboeans named it {i.e. the
Philoch_30 the headland on [the coast of] Euboea." . . . Hyperbolus
Philoch_118 & SCHOL.AR.,NUB.213 & "Euboea was provided by us and by
Philoch_119 afraid, they give you Euboea and promise to provide you
Philoch_130 VESP.718 & The events in Euboea could also be consistent
Plinius:Ep_9.26 again, "Did I not set Euboea to be a bulwark to Attica
Plut:Arat_12 made off in another vessel to Euboea. However, he detaine
Plut:Mor_178 the death of Hipparchus the Euboean. For when somebody
Plut:Mor_845 hen he drew the Thebans, Euboeans, Corcyraeans, Corinthian
Plut:Mor_* 849-851 * prepared to embark for Euboea, and the Athenians heard
Plut:Phoc_12 alth to get a footing in Euboea, and for that purpose sent
Polyaen_1.21.1 in an expedition from Euboea against Pallenis in Attica
Polyaen_5.5.1 ith the Chalcidians from Euboea against Leontini, and made
Simonid_16.26 v.77. Dirphys is a mountain in Euboea. [16.60] & { P 57
Syll_417 (272)   Athenians: Phalaikos Euboians: Eperastos Sikyoni
Syll_418 (272-270)   , Moirichos, Phantias Euboians: Eperastos Atheni
Syll_419 (270)   Damophilos, Kleondas Euboians: Amphikrates of Cha
Syll_636 (178)   son of Kritoboulos Euboeans: Apollophanes of Cha
THI_97 (294-288)   uld be worthy men but not Euboians. [On theoroi.] T

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