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  Equitius   (L. Eqitius) - a pretended son of Ti.Gracchus
102/26 Metellus refuses to accept L.Equitius as the "son" of Ti.Gracchus.
100/8 Marius puts L.Equitius into prison, but he is rescued by a mob.
    Within translations:
CIL_6.40942   did not allow L. Equitius, [who falsely claimed t
ValMax_3.2.18   the praetor Glaucia, and Equitius, designated tribune of the
ValMax_3.8.6   acknowledge with a kiss Equitius, whom they unjustly attempted
ValMax_9.7.1   [7.1]   L. Equitius, who pretended to be the
ValMax_9.15.1     I must not omit Equitius, the monster from Firmum in

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