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  Epirus   - a country to the east of the Adriatic Sea, north of Greece
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  + Epirot , Epirotes , Epirots , Epiruses
316/2 Aeacides is expelled from Epirus.
313/3 acides, the king of Epirus; Alcetas becomes the next king of Epirus.
313/3 kills Aeacides, the king of Epirus; Alcetas becomes the next king
306/6 Pyrrhus is installed as king of Epirus.
302/8 Pyrrhus is forced to leave Epirus, and goes to join Demetrius.
296/1 of Berenice, and returns to Epirus, where he becomes joint king with
295/26 Pyrrhus kills Neoptolemus, and becomes sole king of Epirus.
284/5 Lysimachus invades Epirus, while Pyrrhus is out of the country.
272/26 The kingdom of Epirus under Pyrrhus, and Pyrrhus' achievements as kin
270/19 ighting between Alexander of Epirus and Mitylus the king of the Illyr
261/10 Alexander of Epirus invades Macedonia, but is defeated by Demetrius,
261/23 Alexander is driven out of Epirus, and goes into exile in Acarnania.
245/18b Aetolians and Alexander of Epirus agree to a partition of Acarnania
243/6 Antigonus forms an alliance with the Aetolian League (? and Epirus).
239/16 Stratagems of Alexander, king of Epirus.
238/6 marriage of Demetrius and Phthia, daughter of Alexander of Epirus.
232/5 Revolution in Epirus, after the deaths of Ptolemy and Olympias.
230/5 The Illyrians leave Phoenice and enter into alliance with Epirus.
220/5 tolian acts of aggression in Epirus, Acarnania, and the Peloponnese.
168/54 Anicius subdues Illyria and Epirus, and organizes their administratio
167/11 Paullus pillages Epirus, sacks seventy cities and carries off 150,000
160/8 Charops of Epirus appears before the senate, but fails to win their
159/4 The cruelty of Charops as ruler of Epirus.
159/5 Charops of Epirus dies at Brundisium after appearing before the Roman
156/1 Envoys from Epirus appear before the senate.
136/_ Olympic victor in the stadion race: Antipater of Epirus
87/18 The Thracians invade Epirus and plunder the temple at Dodona.
48/1 Caesar sets sail from Brundisium, and lands with his army in Epirus.
48/2 of Caesar's transport ships while they are returning from Epirus.
    Within translations:
Aelian:Fr_329   icts the death of Alexander of Epirus. [330] & {328 DF}
Aelian:NA_1.38   elephants of Pyrrhus of Epirus, and that the Romans won
Aelian:NA_3.33   that the cows of Epirus give a most copious supply of
Aelian:NA_5.56   ample, the deer of Epirus swim across to Corcyra: the two
Aelian:NA_7.10   spirit. Pyrrhus of Epirus was on a journey when he came
Aelian:NA_7.41   er. And Pyrrhus of Epirus had an elephant which was so fon
Aelian:NA_7.45   way. Pyrrhus of Epirus delighted to be called ' the eag
Aelian:NA_10.37   the case of Pyrrhus of Epirus who set out for Argos by
Aelian:NA_11.2   & The people of Epirus and all strangers sojourning the
Aelian:NA_12.11   itants of Thesprotia and Epirus call ' fatted,' tracing
Aelian:NA_12.30   are kept in many places, in Epirus for instance, at the
Aelian:NA_13.19   country there they call Epirus) mullet abound, swimming,
Arrian:Fr_1   Macedonia itself, and Epirus as far as the Ceraunian
Athen_3.73   Thyamis in Thesprotia in Epirus, in a certain marsh in tha
Athen_6.233   love with a young man of Epirus, went away with him, but
Athen_12.540   ving assembled dogs from Epirus, and goats from Scyros,
Athen_13.589   tress of Pyrrhus king of Epirus, who was the third in desc
Euseb]:Chron_209   136 B.C.] - Antipater of Epirus, stadion race 162nd [132
Euseb]:Chron_233   by Pyrrhus the king of Epirus, the 23rd in line from Ach
Euseb]:Chron_241   ime, the Thessalians and Epirus had the same rulers as the
Festus:Brev_7   was obtained. The Epirotes, who once with Pyrrhus the kin
Festus:Brev_8   cedonia, Thessaly, Achaea, two Epiruses, Praevalis, and
Just_8.6   pelling Arrybas, king of Epirus, who was nearly related
Just_9.6   nder, whom he had made king of Epirus. The day was remark
Just_9.7   red with his mother into Epirus, to take refuge with his
Just_12.1   hat of Alexander king of Epirus in Italy, and that of Zopy
Just_12.2   xander, too, the king of Epirus, having been invited into
Just_14.5   the Great, coming from Epirus to Macedonia, with Aeacide
Just_16.2   leaders Pyrrhus, king of Epirus, united himself, as a frie
Just_17.2   Nor was Pyrrhus of Epirus neglected by him, a king who wou
Just_17.3   have come to speak of Epirus, a few particulars should
Just_18.1   [18.1] Pyrrhus, king of Epirus, therefore, being solicite
Just_23.1   time, Alexander, king of Epirus, coming into Italy with
Just_23.3   king of Sicily as well as of Epirus. Elated by this suc
Just_25.3   ilo. Returning to Epirus, he immediately invaded Macedoni
Just_25.5   ered to him with several Epirots, into his own country ,
Just_26.2   aged, Alexander, king of Epirus, longing to avenge the dea
Just_26.3   rness on the part of the Epirots than exertion on the part
Just_28.1-3 *   ghter of Pyrrhus king of Epirus, had lost her husband Alex
Malal_196   ter Demetrius Pyrrhus of Epirus was king, and after Pyrrhu
Malal_208   Pyrrhus the king or toparch of Epirus attacked the Romans.
Malal_209   Then Perseus of Epirus, the sea-fighter and toparch of
Malal_219   Rome through the country of Epirus. When news of the
Malal_220   off from the village of Epirus with Agrippa, his general
Memn_18   their ally Pyrrhus of Epirus, in which after both suffe
Nepos_13.2   to Athens as allies the Epirotes, Athamanes, Chaones, and all the
Nepos_18.6   she was then living in Epirus) and to make herself ruler
Nepos_21.2   plays. There was one celebrated Epirote king, Pyrrhus, who made war
Nepos:Att_8   thousand to be sent to him in Epirus. Thus he neither pai
Nepos:Att_11   cribed, no one went into Epirus without finding a supply
Nepos:Att_14   nue arose from his property in Epirus and at Rome. Hence
Oros_3.11   Alexander, the king of the Epirots and the maternal uncle of
Oros_3.14   earlier made him king of Epirus in redress for the disgraceful
Oros_3.18   with Alexander, the king of Epirus, and in Scythia with Zopyrion,
Oros_3.23   at this time came from Epirus to Macedonia with the Molossian
Oros_3.23.30   55 Pyrrhus, the king of Epirus, joined them as their companion
Oros_4.1   kind, I shall return to Epirus without one soldier."
Oros_4.2   battle was fought against the Epirots at Lucania in the Arusinian
Oros_4.6.30   by Pyrrhus, the king of Epirus, who had been summoned from
Oros_6.15   by a forced march through Epirus, Pompey followed with huge forces
Oros_6.19   set out from Brundisium for Epirus with two hundred and thirty
Phylarch_61   to Pyrrhus, the king of Epirus; it used to take pleasure
Phylarch_65   grow near the river Thyamis in Epirus. [66] & Athen_12.526
Phylarch_T1   Expedition of Pyrrhus of Epirus against the Peloponnese
Plut:Arat_51   in his expedition into Epirus, though he was requested
Plut:Demetr_21   the other to Alcimus the Epirot, a man of the greatest bra
Plut:Demetr_36   his assistance, Pyrrhus from Epirus and Demetrius from
Plut:Demetr_41   metrius laid waste Epirus, and Pyrrhus falling upon Pantau
Plut:Mor_194   vinus, it was Pyrrhus, not the Epirots, that beat the Roma
Plut:Mor_195   for you; for, when the Epirots know us both, they will
Polyaen_4.8.3   of Alexander, has left Epirus, and advanced into Macedon
Polyaen_8.49.1   Pyrrhus, king of Epirus, defeated the Lacedaemonians in
Polyaen_8.52.1   aeus. And when the Epirots sued for peace as suppliants,
Polyaen_8.68.1   Pyrrhus, king of Epirus, was invited by Aristeus the Arg
Porph:Fr_42   ored Pyrrhus the king of Epirus to his kingdom after he
PsCallisth_3.31   shed Alexander would return to Epirus. Alexander determine
Syll_1076   (c. 250-200) Simakos son of Phalakrion of Epiros in the men's pankration
Syll_1168.B   (late 4th cent.) 31 Andromache from Epirus, concerning children. When she was
Syll_392   King Pyrrhos, the Epirotes and the Tarentines dedic
Syll_653   (c. 165)   wn the league of the Epirotes around Phoinike, with
THI_64   (263-236)     Sosandros of Epirus the son of Nikomachos
ValMax_1.8e.5   the birth of Gorgias of Epirus, a brave and famous man,
ValMax_4.3.14   and the hearts of his Epirotes beginning to fail, hoped to
ValMax_4.3.2   Scipio's abstinence, so did Epirus, Achaia, the Cyclades islands,
ValMax_5.1e.4   Alexander in his country of Epirus.

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