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  Epicharmus   of Syracuse - Greek dramatist, early 5th century B.C.
Wikipedia entry
Diogenes- DIOGENES LAERTIUS, Life of Epicharmus
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_6.51 einolochus, the rival of Epicharmus, and Ibycus of Rhegium
Aelian:NA_13.4 any value; they are ** Epicharmus in his Hebe's Wedding
AnthPal_7.125 nymous & { F 35b } & On Epicharmus Even as the great burn
Apollod:Fr_68 on, ruler of Sicily, and Epicharmus the poet; and Apollodo
Athen_5.210 Rhegium, who is mentioned by Epicharmus and Simonides.
Athen_6.235 Alexis, forgetting that Epicharmus, in his Hope, or Plutu
Athen_6.236 the parasite of Epicharmus makes a second speech of the
Athen_7.282 its rosy meat. And Epicharmus, in his Marriage of Hebe,
Athen_8.338 he himself had it." And Epicharmus jests in the same way;
Athen_14.618 who worked at the loom ; as Epicharmus shows us in his
Athen_14.619 and it is mentioned by Epicharmus in his Halcyon, and
Athen_14.628 lord Dionysus. And Epicharmus, in his Philoctetes,
Athen_* 14.645-648 * fresh sweet honey. Epicharmus, too, mentions them; and so
Lucian:Macr_25 laughter and died. Epicharmus, the comic poet, is also sai
Meleager_5.208 ying attributed to Epicharmus: "The hand washes the hand;
Plut:Mor_175 dead. & He fined Epicharmus the comedian, for speaking

  Epicharmus   - in documents
Syll_367 (286/5)   ple, as proposed by Epicharmos of Kolonos, the son
Syll_673 (150-135)   don Argeios and Ares.   Epicharmos of Soloi ma

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