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  Elis   - a region in the western Peloponnese, Greece
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  + Elean , Eleans , Eleians
323/19 ides, the courier of Alexander, runs from Sicyon to Elis in 9 hours.
320/16 Satyrus of Elis wins two Olympic victories for boxing.
272/29 Aristotimus becomes tyrant of Elis.
271/1 Atrocities committed by Aristotimus, tyrant of Elis.
269/11 The character and teachings of the philosopher Pyrrhon of Elis.
248/1b Syll_423, a decree of Delphi in honour of Cyllon of Elis.
234/2 Lydiades gives possession of Alipheira to the Eleans.
219/40 Philippus defeats Euripidas and the Eleans near Stymphalus.
218/3 Philippus captures Psophis, an Elean stronghold.
218/4 Philippus invades Elis.
218/17 Philippus invades Elis again.
217/23 The Eleans and Aetolians make raids into their opponents' territory.
212/7 Caper of Elis is the first man to win Olympic victories in both the
209/9 Philippus invades Elis.
72/_ Olympic victor in the stadion race: Hecatamnos of Elis
    Within translations:
Aelian:Fr_55 statue of Zeus by flooding the Eleians with lots of gold.
Aelian:NA_5.17 once again they stream into Elis. [18] & The Great Sea
Aelian:NA_5.8 Athens. Say that Elis is the mother of mules, ** and you
AnthPal_7.541 battle strife : verily Elis sings of you above all men
Athen_2.44 sophists who lived in Elis, were water-drinkers all the
Athen_8.350 essalians, he said, "The Eleans." And once he erected a
Athen_10.419 ent one!" But Pyrrhon of Elis, when on one occasion one
Athen_10.442 Cities, speaking of the Eleans, produces this epigram:-
Athen_13.561 of Athena, and as the Eleans celebrate the Olympian fes
Athen_13.565 the gods. And at Elis there is a contest of beauty, and
Athen_13.567 better than Amasis of Elis, whom Theophrastus, in his
Athen_13.592 just as Alcidamas the Elean, the pupil of Gorgias, hims
Athen_13.593 the slaves of Casius the Elean, with many other such, as
Athen_13.609 takes place among the Eleans, and that the decision is
Athen_14.635 en, was, with Iphitus of Elis, the author of that establis
Athen_14.655 artist as to fish, & Nor Elis either, where I've seen the
Athen_15.688 es- "The iris is best in Elis, and at Cyzicus; the perfume
Callim:Epigr_61 ass the tomb of Cimon of Elis, know that ye pass the son
Cic:Brut_30 bderite, and Hippias the Elean, who were all held in great
Euseb]:Chron_* 191-205 * Olympiad: in which Coroebus of Elis won the stadion race.
Euseb]:Chron_209 race [p209] Caprus of Elis won both the wrestling and
Euseb]:Chron_211 B.C.] - Hecatomnos of Elis, stadion race 178th [68 B.C.
Euseb]:Chron_215 games the inhabitants of Elis would not award the crown
Euseb]:Chron_217 by the inhabitants of Elis, in favour of Dionysius of
Euseb]:Chron_223 ablished, in which Coroebus of Elis won the stadion race.
FGrH_257a.1 econd time Archidamus of Elis, in the race for chariots
Joseph:BJ_1.426 vours he bestowed on the Eleans was a donation not only
Just_5.1 offering to defend himself, to Elis. From thence, having
Philip_16.52 Pergamon, by Delphi, Corinth, Elis, & Argos, and Actium.
Philoch_121 ound guilty, and fled to Elis, where he is said to have
Philoch_131 tians, the Corinthians and the Eleans. [132] & SCHOL.AR.,P
Plut:Cleom_3 the Lacedaemonians and Eleans, and such of the Arcadians
Plut:Cleom_5 the assistance of the Eleans, against whom the Achaeans
Plut:Cleom_14 the town into the hands of the Eleans. [15] When the Achae
Plut:Mor_190 over many. & The Eleans were commended for managing the
Plut:Mor_834 ppermost, he withdrew to Elis, [835] and there lived till
Plut:Mor_835 led with Thrasylaeus the Elean, his old friend and host,
Plut:Mor_850 likewise to the Eleans, to plead the cause of the athle
Polyaen_6.36.1 tes to let them in. [36] The Eleans. The Eleans suspecte
SEG_35.665 (c. 160)   jointly composed, to Elis and Larisa; and the envoy
SEG_58.370 (180-170)   the meeting at Elis the Megalopolitans wanted arbi
Syll_314 (c. 320 +)   own horses: Dameas of Elis, the son of Timon Race
Syll_418 (272-270)   s, and Alexeinides of Elis (resident in Aetolia),
Syll_424 (256/5 or 254/3)   enos ; Herakleitos of Elis, the son of Herakleides
Syll_650 (168)   e city of Elis] dedicated to Zeus this stat
Syll_676 (146)   The city of Elis honours Lucius Mummius, son
Syll_686 (soon after 146)   The city of Elis honours Polybios of Megalopo

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