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  Duilius 2   (K. Duilius) - one of the decemvirs at Rome, 450 B.C.
FastCap_p32 oetelius . . . Libo Visolus K. Duilius . . . Longus Sp.

  Duilius 4   (C. Duilius Longus) - consular tribune, 399 B.C.
FastCap_p36 enucius M.f. M.n. Augurinus C. Duilius K.f. K.n. Longus

  Duilius 6   (C. Duilius) - Roman consul, 260 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
260/_ Consuls: Cn. Cornelius L.f. Scipio Asina, C. Duilius M.f.
260/8 Duilius defeats the Carthaginians in a naval battle off the Liparae
259/2 The triumph of Duilius.
259/14a Duilius dedicates a temple to Janus.
231/15 C.Duilius is appointed dictator, to hold the elections for new consul
220/49 The prestige of C.Duilius in his old age.
    Within translations:
Cic:Rep_1.1   attack, nor could Gaius Duelius, Aulus Atilius, or Lucius
CIL_1.25   narum. CIL_1 .25 C. Duilius, consul in 260
CIL_6.40952   nscrIt_13.3.13 ) C. Duilius . . . eighty s
FastCap_p54   L.f. Cn.n. Scipio Asina , C. Duilius M.f. M.n. [259] &
FastCap_p58   C.f. L.n. Maso dictator: C. Duilius M.f. M.n. , magiste
FastTr_p100   March) & [p100] 260/59 & C. Duilius M.f. M.n., consul,
Oros_4.7   Cn. Cornelius Asina and C. Duilius 260 B.C. when the elder
Plin:HN_34.20   similarly the statue to Gaius Duillius, who was the first to
ValMax_3.6.4   [6.4]   C. Duilius also, who first celebrated a
ValMax_7.3e.7   being defeated by the consul Duilius in a naval battle, feared

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