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  Drusus 3   (C. Livius Drusus) - Roman consul, 147 B.C.
  + Caius
147/_ P.f. Scipio Africanus Aemilianus, C. Livius M.Aemiliani f. Drusus
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_109 Drusus, the son of Caius, who, in his tribunate, thwarted
FastCap_p70 C. Livius M.Aemiliani f. M.n. Drusus censors: L. Corneliu

  Drusus 4   (M. Livius Drusus) - Roman consul, 112 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Livius
122/7 Drusus proposes some popular laws, in opposition to Gracchus.
122/9 Drusus attacks Flaccus while Gracchus is absent in Carthage.
115/14 M.Drusus, as praetor urbanus, allows an action on breach of contract
112/_ Consuls: M. Livius C.f. Drusus, L. Calpurnius L.f. Piso Caesonius
112/8 Drusus defeats the Scordisci.
110/3 The triumph of M.Drusus, over the Scordisci.
109/18 and Mens, but is forced to resign after his colleague Drusus dies.
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_109 olent. [109] & M. Drusus, the son of Caius, who, in his
FastCap_p72 M. Livius C.f. M.Aemiliani n. Drusus - died in office [10
FastTr_p107 M.Aemiliani n.] Drusus, [proconsul, & over the Scordisc
Festus:Brev.9 dering Thracians, Marcus Drusus confined them within their
Syll_685 (112/1)   alpurnius and Marcus Livius were consuls {112 B.C.}
Syll_705 (112)   esentations to Marcus Livius, the consul, and he sh

  Drusus 5   (C. Livius Drusus) - a jurist; possibly the son of the consul of 147 B.C.
90/41 Cn.Aufidius and the lawyer C.Drusus overcome blindness to achieve
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_109 next to him was his brother C. Drusus. Your kinsman also,

  Drusus 6   (M. Livius Drusus) - tribune of the plebs, 91 B.C.
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  + Drusi
102/30 M.Drusus serves as quaestor in Asia.
93/5 M.Drusus stages magnificent games, when holding the office of aedile.
92/8 M.Drusus cures himself of epilepsy by drinking hellebore at Anticyra.
91/1 Political rivalry between the tribune M.Drusus and Q.Caepio.
91/3 Drusus resorts to bribery in an attempt to gain popular support.
91/4 Drusus supports the idea of giving Roman citizenship to the rest
91/5 The Marsic leader Q.Poppaedius is a guest at the home of Drusus.
91/6 Drusus proposes land and corn laws.
91/6a passes another land law, and Drusus is made one of the five members
91/7 Drusus establishes several new Roman colonies in Italy and Sicily.
91/8 Drusus proposes to change the composition of juries to a mixture
91/9 Drusus proposes to enrol 300 of the equites into the senate.
91/11 Drusus maltreats visitors from Mauretania and Numidia.
91/12 The laws of Drusus are passed, after Philippus has been restrained
91/13 Drusus issues silver coins which are debased with an alloy of bronze.
91/22 advice of the consul Philippus, declares the laws of Drusus invalid.
91/23 sappointed by the failure of Drusus, begin to plot against the Romans
91/25 The Italians swear an oath of loyalty to Drusus.
91/26 sarcastic response by Granius when greeted by Drusus.
91/27 Drusus builds a new house on the Palatine.
91/28 Drusus' personal wealth amounts to over 10,000 pounds of silver.
91/29 Drusus is murdered near his home.
90/35 The tribune C.Carbo speaks out against the policies of M.Drusus.
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_182 onius, C. Curio, L. Fufius, M. Drusus, and P. Antistius;
Cic:Brut_222 lius. For as to M. Drusus, your great uncle, who spoke lik
CIL_6.1312 13.3.74 ) M. Livius Drusus M. Livius Dru
Diod_37.10   Marcus Livius Drusus, though he was still very young,
Diod_37.11 friend or the enemy of Drusus will also be mine; I will

  Drusus 7   (M. Livius Drusus Claudianus) - Roman praetor, 50 B.C.
42/35 Labeo, Livius Drusus, Quintilius Varus and others commit suicide afte

  Drusus 11   (Nero Claudius Drusus) - brother of the emperor Tiberius
Wikipedia entry
38/3 The birth of Drusus, the son of Livia.
    Within translations:
Cassiod:Chr_745 efused to ride on it. [745] & Drusus Nero and L. Quintius
CIL_6.40330 Nero Claudius Drusus Germanicus Nero Clau
CIL_add.8 (1st cent. A.D.)   the Campus] Martius, when Drusus and Crispinus
Crinag_6.244 ressed to Antonia, the wife of Drusus Germanicus. Hera,
ElegMaec_1.1 ned a young man's death {Drusus?}: now to one ripe in year
ElegMaec_2.1 Jupiter, before young Drusus' narrow day of life? He
Joseph:BJ_1.412 which was called Drusium, from Drusus, who was step-son
Ovid:Cons_1 reading a sad plaint to Drusus' memory, now you have but
Ovid:Cons_119 now be taken from me, Drusus renowned for the name of
Ovid:Cons_165 even Livia, in behalf of Drusus : shall I be the chiefest
Ovid:Cons_21 tell joyful tidings of your Drusus. That achievement
Ovid:Cons_253 led the cause of your death, O Drusus. [3.271] But for you
Ovid:Cons_271 ning spirit, exulting in Drusus' death, must be given to
Ovid:Cons_283 s?" You were resolved, O Drusus, never to return save vict
Ovid:Cons_299 ges left you in place of Drusus? and now in your dreams
Ovid:Cons_329 becomes the mother of Drusus and Nero's mother, see fro
Ovid:Cons_411 will make all else happy after Drusus. Yet you can dare
Ovid:Cons_469 ause." [3.469] This does Drusus feel, if he feels aught
Ovid:Cons_59 tribute been paid, and Drusus, the latest loss, is the
Ovid:Cons_75 een opened. [3.75] Drusus, you go ; and fruitlessly is you
Plinius:Ep_3.5 was asleep, the shade of Drusus Nero, who had won sweeping

  Drusus 16   (Drusus Julius Caesar) - the son of the emperor Tiberius
Wikipedia entry
CIL_add.8 (1st cent. A.D.)   nted pontifex maximus, when Drusus and Norbanus [
Hieron:Chron_2038 200.2 . [2038] Tiberius made Drusus his partner in rulin
Hieron:Chron_2039 ing the empire. 200.3 . [2039] Drusus Caesar died from poi

  Drusus 18   Drusus Iulius Caesar Germanicus) - the son of Germanicus
Wikipedia entry
AnthPal_9.405 Such we are told, Drusus, & are the children of the bles

Drusussee Maximus

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