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  Dorians   - an ancient Greek tribe
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  + Dorian , Doric
AnthPal_13.28 dulcet breath into the Doric flute, nursed well the swee
AnthPal_6.171 Sun, did the people of Dorian Rhodes raise high to heave
AnthPal_7.231 der not thereat: a Dorian cares for his country, not for
AnthPal_7.436 eir backs. That is Dorian discipline." [437] PHAENNUS &
AnthPal_7.734 epigram seems to be partly in Doric and is evidently a
AntipSid_7.464 fair daughters of the Dorian land pitied you in Hades
AntipSid_9.151 your celebrated beauty, Doric Corinth ? Where are the bat
Athen_5.209 king of Sicily, pride of Dorian race, & Sends it a wealthy
Athen_6.255 llows of the kind called Dorian, of a bright crimson colou
Athen_14.617 valling the music of the Doric Muse, & Embracing with his
Athen_14.618 But himalis is a Dorian word, signifying a return, and
Athen_14.624 ferent races of Greeks:- Dorians, Aeolians, and Ionians
Athen_14.625 lower on the flute than the Dorian. But it appears to
Athen_14.635 odies, the Phrygian, the Dorian, and the Lydian; for that
Athen_14.637 three harmonies - the Dorian, the Lydian, and Phrygian
Athen_14.664 all epidorpisma, and the Dorians epaïklon; but most
Demetr:Eloc_177 ation. Bronta (the Doric equivalent of brontê) may
DioscEpigr_7.430 his oak ? By whom is the Dorian shield inscribed ? For thi
DioscEpigr_7.707 orced the virile rhythm on the Doric Muse, and drawn to
Euseb]:Chron_219 and Sicyon were settled by the Dorians. Almost all the nat
Just_2.6 the Athenians and Dorians there had been animosities of
Memn_7 arron" means "stronger" in the Doric dialect). Seleucus
Plut:Agis_21 actions at Sparta, since the Dorians first inhabited the
Plut:Arat_2 [2] After the pure Doric harmony, I mean the aristocracy,
Plut:Arat_9 people of Sicyon were Dorians, they had no objection
Plut:Cleom_16 ing it back to the sober Doric tone which Lycurgus had giv
Polyaen_1.27.3 ited over to Sicily any of the Dorians who were willing
Polyaen_2.12.1 hantes ordered the Dorians to bring the Argives out to bat
SEG_38.1476 (206/5)   ards the state of the Dorians and the city of Kyten
Syll_399 (278/7)   yras and . . . [Dorians] of the Metropolis : Tei
Syll_405 (277)   i..., (?) Sosibios Dorians: Bryas, Aleximachos L
Syll_406 (276/5)   trians: Theokritos Dorians: Aleximachos Lokrians:
Syll_416 (273)   enians: Phalaiskos Dorians: Aineson It is resolved
Syll_482 (269/8)   enians: Hieronymos Dorians in the Peloponnese: L
Syll_636 (178)   on, the son of Bittos Dorians of the metropolis: An
Syll_653 (c. 165)   wn the league of the Dorians, with a golden crown
Syll_668 (c. 161/0)   and from] the Dorians - Polycharmos son of Prasi
THI_99.D (2nd century)   by E.M.Craik in "The Dorian Aegean" ( Goo

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