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  Dodona   - site of an oracle in Epirus, northern Greece
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219/34 hus, the new general of the Aetolian League, leads a raid on Dodona.
87/18 The Thracians invade Epirus and plunder the temple at Dodona.
    Within translations:
Athen_5.203 ts, in the sacred precincts of Dodona. And the expense of
Athen_12.526 following lines in his Dodona:- & Say, from what country
Just_12.2 so that of Jupiter at Dodona had admonished the other
Just_17.3 the temple of Jupiter at Dodona to consult the oracle, sei
Plut:Phoc_28 received an oracle from Dodona, which warned them to secu
SEG_57.510 (140-130)   Larissa and the judges in Dodona. On the fourteenth
Syll_421 (272-260)   y at Olympia and Delphi and Dodona. Magistrates of

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