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  Diomedes   - ancient king of Argos, who fought in the Trojan War
Wikipedia entry
Aelian:NA_1.1 to be the companions of Diomedes ** and to have taken par
Aelian:NA_10.37 to the comrades ** of Diomedes when they went off to
Athen_11.493 unreasonable, that when Diomedes and Ajax, and even Achil
Athen_15.695 t-footed Achilles lives, & And Diomedes, Tydeus' brave son
Just_12.2 Aetolians that followed Diomedes, a leader rendered famou
Plinius:Ep_5.2 does not even imitate Diomedes' clever device in exchan
Plinius:Ep_9.13 Iliad viii. 102; the words of Diomedes to Nestor. [14]
Polyaen_1.5.1 [5] & Demophon. Diomedes committed the palladium into
Polyaen_8.18.1 unus. In honour of Diomedes, who died in Italy, Daunus ins

  Diomedes 2   - an ancestor of the Athenian politician Lycurgus
Plut:Mor_852 and since his ancestors Diomedes and Lycurgus lived in

  Diomedes 3   - an ancient king of Thrace
Wikipedia entry
Aelian:NA_15.25 was once the palace of Diomedes the Thracian who owned
Apollonid_9.281 & The horses of Diomedes, King of Thrace, which he used
ElegMaec_1.69 red the savage steeds of Diomedes or the body common to
Philip_16.93 girdle & I took the horses of Diomedes. After plucking

  Diomedes   - in documents
AnthPal_7.701 for him, and his father Diomedes erected to him this tall
Asclepiad_5.161 and Boïdiŏn, Diomedes' old women, the twenty-o

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