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  Demetrias   - a city of the coast of Thessaly, Greece
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  + Demetrians
293/11 Demetrius founds the city of Demetrias.
291/7a etter of Demetrius concerning the territory of Demetrias and Pherae.
192/10 The Aetolians capture Demetrias.
192/15 Antiochus crosses to Demetrias.
192/27 Antiochus holds a council at Demetrias; Hannibal is present, but Anti
169/28 The Romans withdraw from Demetrias, after alleged contacts between
116/3b THI_154, a decree in honour of a priest of Sarapis at Demetrias.
    Within translations:
Plin:HN_4.29   Pagasa subsequently called Demetrias, Tricca, the Pharsalian
Plut:Demetr_53   ins, Antigonus carried them to Demetrias and deposited the
SEG_43.451   (180-168) Karponidas and Alexiphaēs of Demetrias and who is the prie
SEG_56.703   (291)   ory of the citizens of Demetrias and those of Phera
Syll_399   (278/7)   netes : Theodotos of Demetrias, son of Diogenes; D
Syll_585   (197-175)   : [60] Hipparchos of Demetrias, the son of Glauki
Syll_602   (200-190)   ia. Sopatros of Demetrias, the son of Theodoros,
Syll_636   (178)   netes: Charikles of Demetrias, the son of Nikon;
Syll_704.E   (c. 117) son of Dioskourides, both of Demetrias
THI_64   (263-236)   p;   ...erses of Demetrias in Magnesia the son
THI_70   (c. 217)   eland, the town of Demetrias, and my mother Soso,
THI_147   (270-250)   eas son of Charilaos Demetrians: Phanias son of His

  Demetrias 2   - the new name given to Sicyon by Demetrius Poliorcetes
Plut:Demetr_25 ged the name, calling the town Demetrias, instead of Sicyo

  Demetrias 3   - an Athenian trireme, kept for special purposes
Philoch_48 Ammonias and Paralus, and then Demetrias and Antigonis wer

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