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  Danube   - European river
Wikipedia entry
  + Ister
175/3 Dardani, but suffer heavy losses while crossing the river Danube.
74/13 Curio advances into Thrace, as far as the river Danube.
72/33 M.Lucullus advances as far as the river Danube.
    Within translations:
!Festus:Brev_7-9   penetrate all the way to the Danube. Under Julius Octav
[Longin]:Subl_35   are, but the Nile, the Danube, the Rhine, and far above
Aelian:NA_14.23-26 *   rivers of Europe, the Ister,* rises from only a few
Athen_6.234   the districts around the Ister, from whom they call the
CIL_add.1   dvance] beyond the river Danube; he [routed] the arm
Demetr:Eloc_121   the Nile or the mouth of the Danube (Scr. Inc.). All exp
FastTr__G   Thracian tribe, by the river Danube Hernici A Sabine tri
Festus:Brev_3   it reached all the way to the Danube. After Antiochus
Julian:Caes_320   nquest of Gaul? He crossed the Danube once, I crossed the
Julian:Caes_326   were by nature herself, the Danube and the Euphrates.
Julian:Caes_327   the tribes beyond the Danube, and I subdued the Getae,
Julian:Mis_348   the very banks of the Danube, from whom my own family
Just_2.5   if the bridge over the Ister were broken down, his retre
Just_9.2   rect at the mouth of the Ister, requesting an unobstructed
Just_32.3   at the conflux of the Danube and Save, and took the nam
Lucian:Macr_10   Philippus near the river Danube at an age of more than nin
Nepos_1.3   a bridge over the river Hister for the transport of his
Oros_2.8   of the bridge over the Hister, Darius fled back in alarm
Oros_4.20.30   For at that time the Danube, which is also called the
Oros_7.22   and Asia; Dacia beyond the Danube was lost forever. The Quadi
Oros_7.23   In a campaign on the Danube he crushed the Goths in
Oros_7.33   The Goths fled across the Danube and were received by Valens
Ovid:Cons_377   iscolours, and rapacious Danube, and the Dacian (?) Apulia
Plut:Mor_174   that was made over the Danube: which they refusing to
Simonid_7.496   you did look down on the Danube and the long course of the
Syll_643   (171/0)   o dwell] beyond the [Danube and who once previously

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