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  Cythera   - an island off the south coast of the Peloponnese, Greece
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Aelian:NA_11.19   who were on their way to Cythera from passing through Spar
Aelian:NA_17.6   And round about Cythera there are said to be sea-monste
Athen_1.6   says that Philoxenus of Cythera, a poet, who was exceedin
Athen_4.146   And Philoxenus of Cythera, in the play which is entitled
Athen_8.352   says that Philoxenus of Cythera was also a great studier
Athen_13.564   Cyclops of Philoxenus of Cythera, in love with Galateia,
Athen_13.598   And that poet from Cythera, whom the nurses of Bacchus rea
Athen_14.642   e. And as Philoxenus of Cythera, in his Banquet, where
Athen_14.643   given by Philoxenus of Cythera, whom Antiphanes praises
Athen_15.681   near mount Eryx and at Cythera."
Athen_15.692   Love", as the bard of Cythera [Philoxenus] says, telling you that
Plut:Cleom_31   From the isle of Cythera, where Cleomenes first touched,

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