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  Cyrene   - a city on the north coast of Africa, west of Egypt
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  + Cyrenaean , Cyrenaeans , Cyrenaic
323/9 Thibron attacks Cyrene and forces the city to come to terms.
322/5 Cyrene renews the war against Thibron, who attacks the city with
322/14 general of Ptolemy, defeats Thibron and gains control of Cyrene.
320/28 Ptolemy visits Cyrene, and brings the city under his control.
320/29 SEG_9.1, the announcement of a new constitution for Cyrene.
320/40 Eubotas of Cyrene refuses to marry Lais.
313/6 Agis, the general of Ptolemy, suppresses a revolt at Cyrene.
308/3 the Macedonian governor of Cyrene, brings an army to help Agathocle
305/3 dfather of Callimachus the poet, is a general in the army of Cyrene.
300/14 Magas becomes governor of Cyrene.
276/_ Olympic victor in the stadion race: Idaeus of Cyrene
275/9 The birth of Eratosthenes of Cyrene.
250/10 Magas, the king of Cyrene, dies of over-eating.
250/11 Demetrius the Fair makes himself king of Cyrene.
220/14 enice encourages the production of perfume at Alexandria and Cyrene.
199/10 General comments on the career of the historian Ister of Cyrene.
162/8 defeated by the people of Cyrene while trying to take possession
154/11 aptures his brother, but spares his life and restores him to Cyrene.
145/20 gives a magnificent banquet on becoming priest of Apollo at Cyrene.
120/_ Olympic victor in the stadion race: Acusilaus of Cyrene
96/9 Ptolemy Apion dies; his will bequeaths Cyrene to Rome.
86/35 Lucullus restores stability to Cyrene after a period of revolution.
76/33 Aretaphila frees Cyrene from the tyrants Nicocrates and Laander.
75/1 ce, and P.Lentulus is sent to organise Cyrene into a Roman province.
48/67 peius' remaining forces near Cyrene, after they hear that Pompeius
    Within translations:
[Tib]:PanMes_135 ettlers of Thera lodged {Cyrene}, nor that where flows the
1Macc_15 Cnidus and Cyprus and Cyrene. 24 They also sent a copy
2Macc_2 set forth by Jason of Cyrene in five volumes, we shall
Aelian:NA_3.35 same language. In Cyrene the frogs are completely dumb;
Aelian:NA_15.26 say too that in Cyrene there are species of mice which
AnthPal_7.78 appointed sleep. Cyrene your mother did not receive you
AnthPal_7.499 on the sea, Ariston of Cyrene prays you all by Zeus the
Arrian:Fr_9 hence he crossed over to Cyrene with a body of 6000 men,
Athen_1.7 enus, the philosopher of Cyrene, a real devotee of the phi
Athen_3.100 appy Lovers, speaking of Cyrene & I sail back to the sel
Athen_4.154 a course; and that the Cyrenaeans were the next to follo
Athen_7.281 events, Eratosthenes of Cyrene, who was a pupil of Aristo
Athen_8.332 than Philostephanus the Cyrenaean, whom I have previously
Athen_8.351 alled the Rhodians White Cyrenaeans, and the city he calle
Athen_8.352 "that there were white Cyrenaeans." And he called Rhodes
Athen_12.549 was priest of Apollo at Cyrene, and how he gave a banquet
Athen_12.550 Magas, who was king of Cyrene for fifty years, and who
Athen_13.560 inflicted on him by the Cyrenaeans; and afterwards he had
Athen_13.567 imitating Theomander of Cyrene, who, as Theophrastus, in
Athen_13.599 "Even the man of Cyrene, keen Aristippus, was drawn by
Athen_15.689 the world was made at Cyrene while the great Berenice
Callim:Epigr_15 the son of Arimmas of Cyrene, under me." & O Charidas,
Callim:Epigr_22 twofold woe ; and all Cyrene bowed her head to see the
Callim:Epigr_23 son and sire of Callimachus of Cyrene. Thou wilt know them
Cic:Fam_12.2 go to his province of Cyrene, but in reality he intende
Diod_33.13 ordered some men from Cyrene, who had accompanied him
Euseb]:Chron_163 Euergetes was called back from Cyrene and proclaimed king.
Euseb]:Chron_* 203-207 * B.C.] - Polymnastus of Cyrene, stadion race 82nd [452
Euseb]:Chron_211 120 B.C.] - Acusilaus of Cyrene, stadion race 166th [116
Euseb]:Chron_217 - Magnus [Libycus] of Cyrene, stadion race 243rd [193
Euseb]:Chron_237 whole of Libya and captured Cyrene. Eventually he gaine
Euseb]:Chron_243 emetrius who went off to Cyrene and of Olympias the daught
Festus:Brev.13 of the island. Cyrene, together with the other cities
FGrH_255.3 [348 B.C.] Polycles of Cyrene won the stadion race, and
Hieron:Chron_1922 Ptolemy the king of Cyrene died, and in his will left
Joseph:AJ_* 14.114-118 * is full, had raised in Cyrene; where he speaks thus: [11
Just_22.7 was Opheltas, king of Cyrene, who, grasping, with extra
Just_26.3 time died Magas, king of Cyrene, who, before he fell sick,
Just_38.8 Ptolemy who was reigning at Cyrene. Ptolemy, rejoic
Just_39.5 had left the kingdom of Cyrene by will, died, appointing
Just_13.6 possession of the city Cyrene, and was grown so great
Just_13.7 by them. [13.7] Cyrene was founded by Aristaeus, who,
Phylarch_15 Eurypylus, the king of Cyrene, was the son of Poseidon
Phylarch_16 Eurypylus was king of Cyrene, [the woman] Cyrene was
Plut:Cleom_31 design to pass over to Cyrene, when one of his friends,
Plut:Cleom_35 use of them in seizing Cyrene for himself:" Nicagoras
Plut:Demetr_14 idow of Ophellas king of Cyrene, and had returned to Athen
Plut:Demetr_53 lemais, and came to be king of Cyrene. By Deidameia he had
Polyaen_2.27.1 Callicratidas of Cyrene asked the commander of the citad
Polyaen_2.28.1 When Magas left Cyrene, to go on a foreign expedition,
Polyaen_5.3.4 Ophellas of Cyrene was advancing with a numerous
Polyaen_8.38.1 ocrates, tyrant of Cyrene, among a number of other oppress
Polyaen_8.41.1 was declared regent of Cyrene, during the minority of
Polyaen_8.47.1 son of Battus, king of Cyrene, was driven from his kingd
Polyaen_8.70.1 together. [70] The Women of Cyrene. When Ptolemy mad
Poseidon_T1 ybius in 52 books, down to the Cyrenaic war and Ptolemy
POxy_1380 p~isis_hymns.html#6 attack, discoverer ; at Cyrene Isis ; in Crete Dictynnis
Sall:Hist_2.41 uaestor to the new province of Cyrene. This province had
Syll_424 (256/5 or 254/3)   ic actors 3: Polyaratos of Kyrene, the son of Eud
Syll_492 (c. 263)   taleon Philochares of Cyrene, the son of Autokle
Vit:Arat_4 [Callimachus] of Cyrene when Callimachus was an old man,

  Cyrene 2   - the mother of Aristaeus
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Just_13.7 an old tradition, that Cyrene, a maiden of extraordinary
Lucian:Macr_27 henes, son of Aglaus, of Cyrene, who was not only a gramma
Phylarch_15 uccessor as ruler of Libya was Cyrene, the daughter of Hyp
Phylarch_16 king of Cyrene, [the woman] Cyrene was brought there

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