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  Cyprus   - an island in the Mediterranean Sea, south of Anatolia
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  + Cyprian , Cyprians , Cypriots
320/6 settles affairs in Babylonia and Cyprus, before advancing to Egypt.
313/22 Ptolemy gains control of Cyprus and makes Nicocreon king of the
310/7 of Dorion the piper, addressed to Nicocreon of Cyprus and others.
306/13 Demetrius takes control of Cyprus, but allows Menelaus to escape
246/34b ves the images of some gods from Cyprus, and places them in Antioch.
204/_ Olympic victor in the stadion race: Heracleides of Salamis in Cyprus
197/27 several years as governor of Cyprus, and organises the coming of age
196/12 Antiochus is wrecked in a storm while attempting to cross to Cyprus.
154/5 The senate supports the claim of Ptolemy VII to rule Cyprus.
154/7 Archias the governor of Cyprus accepts bribes from Demetrius, but is
131/10 and Ptolemy escapes to Cyprus, after ruling for 15 years in Egy
118/7a statues in honour of Theodorus, governor of Cyprus, and his family.
107/5 emaeus Lathyrus to escape to Cyprus, and Ptolemy Alexander takes
87/12 Ptolemy Alexander is killed in an attack on Cyprus.
58/20 Clodius passes a law to turn Cyprus into a Roman province; M.Cato is
57/10 Ptolemy, king of Cyprus, commits suicide and Cato takes over the
57/55 lously collects the wealth of Cyprus, in order to remove it to Rome.
57/56 ells poison, while disposing of the assets of the kingdom of Cyprus.
56/14 Cato returns to Rome with the treasure he has collected from Cyprus.
56/15 Clodius' acts as tribune, including his own appointment in Cyprus.
56/39 Clodius denounces Cato's conduct in Cyprus.
56/56 feguard a loan given by M.Scaptius to the town of Salamis in Cyprus.
50/4 the inhabitants of Salamis in Cyprus, through his agent M.Scaptius.
44/60a gives control of the island of Cyprus to Cleopatra and Arsinoë.
Inscriptions,- INSCRIPTIONS, Cyprus
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1Macc_15 Gortyna and Cnidus and Cyprus and Cyrene. 24 They also
2Macc_4 es, the commander of the Cyprian troops. 30 While such
2Macc_10 because he had abandoned Cyprus, which Philometor had entr
2Macc_12 Nicanor the governor of Cyprus, would not let them live
Aelian:NA_5.56 And they make for Cyprus in their longing for the meadows
Aelian:NA_11.40 usly. Nicocreon of Cyprus possessed a deer with four horns
Aelian:NA_15.4 what the fishermen of Cyprus say, but Demostratus adds
Alcaeus_7.5 of Homer at Salamis in Cyprus, one of the towns which
Arrian:Fr_9 was summoned from Cyprus, and Antipater ordered to repair
Arrian:Fr_10 learnt that the kings of Cyprus, Nicocreon of Salamis and
Athen_4.167 Pasicyprus the king of Cyprus, and of his intemperate
Athen_* 06.255-258 * at any time reigned in Cyprus have encouraged a race of
Athen_7.289 And Themison the Cyprian, the friend of Antiochus the
Athen_8.337 tion. And once, at Cyprus, when he was supping with Nicocr
Athen_8.352 icocles, the King of the Cyprians, on account of the freed
Athen_10.438 Aristus and Themison, Cyprians by birth, and brothers;
Athen_11.495 ans, and Byzantians, and Cyprians call an oil-cruet, which
Athen_12.542 ance of them, he surpassed the Cyprians and Phoenicians.
Athen_13.573 he says:- & O queen of Cyprus' isle, & Come to this grov
Athen_13.576 the king of Soli, a town of Cyprus. And the second king
Athen_13.609 ans. &# Pantica of Cyprus was also a very beautiful woman
Athen_14.638 achus, in his History of Cyprus, says that Stesander the
Athen_14.655 ed; the owl in Athens; & Cyprus breeds doves of admirable
Athen_14.663 se-pudding called by the Cyprians magis; and from this,
Athen_15.688 vine-leaves is made best in Cyprus and at Adramyttium.
ChronSynt_97 archbishop of Constantia in Cyprus. ] - - - - - [100]
Cic:Fam_12.13 ted June 13th. Crommyacris, in Cyprus. Antonius received
Diod_33.28b needed of Egypt, they went to Cyprus, and thence on to
Diod_34.14 begotten by himself, in Cyprus; the son was called Memphi
DiogLaert_7.1 a native of Citium, in Cyprus, which is a Greek city,
Euseb]:Chron_157 an expedition against Cyprus, and Phoenicia, and beside
Euseb]:Chron_163 of his cruelty, and fled to Cyprus. His mother summoned
Euseb]:Chron_165 here, he crossed over to Cyprus, where he was defeated by
Euseb]:Chron_209 eracleides of Salamis in Cyprus, stadion race 145th [200
Euseb]:Chron_225 gians - for 25 years The Cypriots - for 33 years The Phoen
Festus:Brev.13 gnomen "Isauricus." [13] Cyprus, renowned for riches, sedu
Hieron:Chron_king Cleopatra, and had retired to Cyprus. 171st OLYMPIAD [=96
Hieron:Chron_1712 emaeus conquered the island of Cyprus. 119th OLYMPIAD [=30
Hieron:Chron_2000 Many parts of the cities in Cyprus were destroyed by
Joseph:AJ_13.284 andria, and in Egypt and Cyprus; for [285] Cleopatra the
Joseph:AJ_13.287 both those that came to Cyprus with us, and those that
Joseph:AJ_13.328 Lathyrus, who now held Cyprus, and who came to Cyprus
Joseph:AJ_13.331 to eject her son out of Cyprus also; that as for Ptolemae
Joseph:AJ_13.358 was retired from Gaza to Cyprus, and his mother Cleopatra
Just_5.6 ght ships to Evagoras, king of Cyprus. [5.7] & & The gene
Just_6.1 was living in exile in Cyprus; "for though the power
Just_15.1 the greater part of Africa, Cyprus, and Phoenicia. Mace
Just_18.5 place was the isle of Cyprus, where the priest of Jupi
Just_39.4 hile he was living in exile in Cyprus. After forcing him
Just_44.3 his kingdom, retired to Cyprus, where he built a city cal
Malal_201 Antioch along with some Cypriots, because king Casus had
Malal_202 alaminus the king of the Cypriots, and some Cypriots had
Memn_4 hen he was besieging (?) Cyprus, and as a reward received
Nicand:Al_620 eing that it adorned the Cyprian queen on mount Ida, when
OGIS_116 (c. 154)   f king Ptolemaios in Cyprus, and had a share in the
OGIS_151 (142-131)   priest of the men on Cyprus, was dedicated to Olymp
OGIS_161 (123-118)   e secretary's [office on] Cyprus. → inscriptio
OGIS_4 (317)   ing the expedition to Cyprus, and reduced our own e
OGIS_54 (c. 246)   ria and Phoenicia and Cyprus and Lycia and Caria an
PCairZen_59016 rom Demetrios the secretary in Cyprus, concerning 150 silv
Philoch_144 he writes: "Conon . . . from Cyprus with . . . {Pharnaba
Phylarch_21 Alexander, about Pantica of Cyprus. [22] & SUDA (T'547)
Plut:Demetr_5 Ptolemy was gone from Cyprus into Syria, where he was
Plut:Demetr_* 15-21 * arked his troops and sailed to Cyprus. There he met in bat
Plut:Demetr_33 from Peloponnesus and Cyprus, so that he had not in all
Plut:Demetr_35 dispossessed him of all Cyprus, except the city of Salami
Plut:Mor_834 friendship with the kings of Cyprus and other great prin
Plut:Mor_838 from Nicocles, king of Cyprus, for an oration which he
Polyaen_1.34.1 yle of Medes, and sent them to Cyprus. The Cyprians, decei
Polyaen_3.10.14 Macedonian money with Cyprian copper, and from this all
Polyaen_4.7.7 ailed against Salamis in Cyprus, which was possessed and
Polyaen_5.20.1 ates attacked Salamis in Cyprus, his men were twice driven
Polyaen_7.14.1 him Teribazus, the satrap of Cyprus. Orontes was afraid
Polyaen_7.20.1 an expedition against Cyprus, suspected that the Greeks
Polyaen_8.47.1 ther Pheretima sailed to Cyprus to ask for the assistance
Polyaen_8.48.1 cocles of the kingdom of Cyprus, both he and his brothers,
Porph:Fr_42 gained control of Cyprus and Phoenicia, and after defeati
Poseidon_52 characteristics of copper in Cyprus, and of horses in
POxy_1380 p~isis_hymns.html#6 Salamis observer ; in Cyprus all-bounteous ; in Chalcid
Sall:Hist_1.6 this Cato was sent to Cyprus, to administer the estate
SEG_28.60 (270/69)   his own expense to Cyprus and there conversing earn
Simonid_7.296 slaying many Medes in Cyprus, took a hundred Phoenician
StephByz_70 hians in India. In Cilicia. In Cyprus. By Mount Latmus in
Syll_409 (c. 255/4)   k part in the war in Kypros, and captured Hagnon of
Syll_622 (c. 185-175)   city, sailed off to Cyprus to serve as a soldier;
Teles_46 to Themison, the king of the Cypriots. In it, Aristotle
Theodorid_7.738 G-P 13 } & The Keys of Cyprus & and the promontory of
THI_92 (321-311)   eaten land   of Cyprus, king from the most div
Vit:Arat_1 ther city called Soli in Cyprus; but the inhabitants of

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