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  Cypros   - the wife of Antipater, and mother of Herodes, king of Judaea
  + Cypris
ChronPasc_465   of Antipater of Ascalon and Cypris of Arabia. He was
ChronPasc_469   the son of Antipater and of Cypris, an Arabian woman.
Hieron:Chron_1983   Antipater of Ascalon and Cypris of Arabia, was appointed
Joseph:AJ_14.121   men, and her name was Cypros, by whom he had four sons,
Joseph:AJ_15.184   Pheroras, and placed his mother Cypros, and his sister [ Salome
Joseph:BJ_1.181   Arabians, whose name was Cypros, and had four sons born
Joseph:BJ_1.417   dedicated it to his mother {Cypros}, and called it Cypr

  Cypros 2   - a citadel constructed by Herodes near Jericho
DARE (map)
Joseph:BJ_1.407 lso, between the citadel Cypros and the former palace, suc
Joseph:BJ_1.417 mother {Cypros}, and called it Cypros. [418] & Moreover,

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