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  Cyllene   - a town on the north-west coast of the Peloponnese, Greece
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314/1a Aristodemus "liberates" Cyllene and Patrae and sacks Aegium during

  Cyllene 2   - a mountain in Arcadia, Greece
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  + Cyllenian
Aelian:NA_5.27 asserts that all blackbirds on Cyllene ** are white. Alexa
AnthPal_16.188 Hermes, whose domain is Cyllene's steep, forest-clad hill
AnthPal_6.96 its neck slaughtered for Cyllenian Pan, the mountain-lover
AntipThes_7.390 G-P 62 } & You have heard of Cyllene the Arcadian mounta
Philip_16.193 A. May I touch the cabbage, Cyllenian ? & B. No, travel

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