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  Curio 2   (C. Scribonius Curio) - Roman praetor, 121 B.C.
114/20 Licinia is acquitted after speeches by L.Crassus and C.Curio.
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_110 [110] To these we may join C. Curio, M. Scaurus, P. Rutil
Cic:Brut_122 ould please us better." "Curio, then," said I, "was nearly
Schol:Bob_85 [history] books. Curio, the grandfather, defended Serviu

  Curio 3   (C. Scribonius Curio) - Roman consul, 76 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
84/5 Curio restores Nicomedes and Ariobarzanes to their kingdoms.
76/_ Consuls: Cn. Octavius M.f., C. Scribonius C.f. Curio
76/22 gesticulations of the consul Curio, while the other consul, Octavius,
76/23 Curio stops Sicinius from introducing political reforms.
74/13 Curio advances into Thrace, as far as the river Danube.
73/16 Curio defeats the Dardani.
72/2 The triumph of C.Curio, over the Thracians.
68/24 Metellus Nepos and Curio agree to drop legal proceedings, after threa
59/51 supposed setting of a literary dialogue between Curio and his son.
54/63 Curio is a successful and popular orator.
53/15 Curio is called Barbuleius, because of his resemblance to an actor
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_182 Q. Varius, Cn. Pomponius, C. Curio, L. Fufius, M. Drusus
Cic:Brut_192 eave you, as it once did Curio?" "To open my whole mind
Cic:Brut_210 however, who esteemed Curio the third best orator of
Cic:Brut_213 things with great) that Curio's family, though he himself
Cic:Brut_* 216-220 * nfer from the example of Curio, that nothing will more rec
Cic:Brut_227 cius was dead; Cotta and Curio were abroad; and no pleader
Cic:Brut_234 noticed. For as Curio acquired the reputation of an ora
Cic:Brut_305 most every day. C. Curio was chosen a tribune of the peopl
Cic:Brut_311 s;- the return of Cotta, Curio, Crassus, Pompeius, and the
Festus:Brev.7 in capitulation. Curio, a proconsul, subjugated the Dard
GranLic_28 till resisting. &# Curio restored Nicomedes to the throne
Hieron:Chron_1963 1963] [not in Ar.] Curio, a fluent and popular orator, was
Sall:Hist_2.60 year, in Macedonia Gaius Curio set off into Dardania with
Sall:Hist_3.34 .C.], and after it Gaius Curio was long enough your master
Schol:Bob_85 is not accusing C.Curio or P.Clodius of a crime, but beca
Schol:Bob_86 haracters} of both Clodius and Curio. Commentary I decided
Schol:Bob_89 usts. [He means] C.Curio, who during Sulla's proscription

  Curio 4   (C. Scribonius Curio) - tribune of the plebs, 50 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
61/10 the senate; Cicero composes a speech against Clodius and Curio.
59/52 M.Antonius spends all of the younger Curio's money.
53/16 Cic:Fam_2'1-3, letters from Cicero to the younger Curio.
53/25 Cic:Fam_2'4-5 & 7'14-15, letters from Cicero to Curio and Trebatius.
53/28 2'6, a letter from Cicero to Curio, supporting Milo as a candidate
52/53 Curio holds games, featuring a rotating theate, in honour of his fath
51/55 the support of L.Paulus and C.Curio for the coming year, by giving
51/60 Cic:Fam_2'7 & 15'4, letters from Cicero to C.Curio and M.Cato.
50/2 C.Curio unsuccessfully proposes that an intercalary month should
50/3 Curio proposes various laws, to gain popular support.
50/7 Cicero, announcing that Curio has become an open supporter of
50/8 end date for Caesar's command, but is vigorously opposed by Curio.
50/12 Curio begins to insist that Pompeius should lay down his command
50/25 command if Caesar does the same, but the offer is rejected by Curio.
50/47 favour of the proposal of Curio, that Caesar and Pompeius should
50/49 Curio's outspoken eloquence as tribune brings about an open split bet
50/50 his final speech as tribune, Curio strongly denounces Pompeius and
49/1 blish a letter from Caesar, which has been brought to Rome by Curio.
49/4 cree; M.Antonius, Q.Cassius, Curio and Caelius leave Rome, and go to
49/40 Curio and Q.Valerius take control of Sicily and Sardinia, on behalf
49/53 Curio is an eloquent but immoral politician.
49/54 Juba, king of Numidia, defeats and kills Curio near Utica.
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_218 riend Pansa, and his son Curio, when he was walking home
Cic:Brut_* 280-283 * I suppose," said Brutus, "C. Curio, and C. Licinius Calv
Cic:Fam_15.14 friend of mine, and there is Curio, and Furnius too. I
FastCap_p76 Cn.n. , C. Scribonius C.f. . . Curio [75] & L. Octavius
Schol:Bob_85 P.Clodius; and thirdly Curio, the tribune of the plebs,

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