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  Cnossus   - a city in Crete
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  + Cnosians , Cnossian , Cnossians
305/21 receive reinforcements from Ptolemy and from the city of Cnossus.
220/25 The Cnossians destroy the city of Lyttus.
220/40 Rhodes sends aid to Cnossus.
220/44 sends aid to the Polyrrhenians, who are fighting against Cnossus.
220/48 taken at Drerus in Crete, promising to help Cnossus against Lyttus.
219/16 Syll_528, a decree of Cnossus thanking Cos for the services of the
219/16a SEG_49.1217, a treaty between Cnossus and Gortyn.
184/9 rsuades the Cretan cities of Cnossus, Gortyn, and Cydonia to settle
144/5 Trouble in Crete, as Cnossus tries to rebuild its power.
118/11a een the cities of Lato and Olous to accept arbitration from Cnossus.
116/11a the delay of arbitration by Cnossus in a dispute between Lato and
115/6a decision of arbitrators from Cnossus in a dispute between Lato and
113/14 eographer Strabo, moves from Cnossus to Pontus at the invitation
68/9 Metellus captures Cydonia and Cnossus.
    Within translations:
Diod_33.10 tions. [10] & The Cnossians contended for the sovereignty
SEG_49.1217 (c. 220)   dminister the oath for the [Knossians] to take . .
Syll_627 (183)   ely: the Gortynians, Knosians, Phaistians, Lytti
Syll_685 (112/1)   nged by the city of Knossos, without any warning ma
THI_112 (c. 170)   ll. [B]   Decree of the Knossians.   It
THI_113 (195-168)   [the war] with the Knossians and return to friendsh

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