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  Cleopatra   I of Egypt - daughter of Antiochus III of Syria; wife of Ptolemy V from 193 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
197/10 chus arranges the betrothal of his daughter Cleopatra to Ptolemy.
184/9a of Egyptian priests granting honours to Ptolemy and Cleopatra.
175/4 The death of Cleopatra, mother of Ptolemy.
    Within translations:
AET_6.3.A   Lysimachus being priestess of Cleopatra the mother, the goddess
AET_7.10.B   Ptolemy, son of Ptolemy and Kleopatra, the Manifest gods, and the
AET_7.12   god, son of Ptolemy and Cleopatra, the Manifest gods, and Queen
AET_7.12.B   god, son of Ptolemy and Cleopatra, the Manifest gods, and Queen
AET_9.2.B   Mistress of the Two Lands Cleopatra beloved of the Osiris the
AET_9.4.D   the children of Ptolemy and Cleopatra the gods Epiphaneis, and Queen
ChronPasc_436   iphanes, and gave his daughter Cleopatra to be Ptolemy'
Hieron:Chron_1827   iochus sent his daughter Cleopatra to be Ptolemy' bride
Joseph:AJ_12.154   gave him his daughter Cleopatra to wife, and yielded
Joseph:AJ_12.167   the king and his wife Cleopatra to have a kindness for
Joseph:AJ_12.185   ents to the king, and to Cleopatra, and to their friends,
Joseph:AJ_12.204   rion's wife had informed Cleopatra of this, with her entre
Joseph:AJ_12.217   king, and the maidens to Cleopatra; [218] every body wonde
OGIS_99   (186-181)   and his sister queen Kleopatra, the gods Epipha
OGIS_100   (186-180)   Ptolemaios and queen Kleopatra, the gods Epipha
OGIS_101   (205-181)   Ptolemaios and queen Kleopatra and their children,
OGIS_106   (174-172)   Ptolemaios and queen Kleopatra, the gods Epipha
Porph:Fr_47   betrothed his daughter Cleopatra to Ptolemy, in the
Porph:Fr_50   brothers, the sons of Cleopatra and nephews of Antiochu
Porph:Fr_49a   Philopator, the son of Cleopatra the sister of Antiochus
SelPap_1.1A   (173) son of Ptolemy and Cleopatra, gods Epiphaneis, in the
THI_260   (186)   Two Lands of Egypt, Cleopatra, the two Gods Mani

  Cleopatra 2   II of Egypt - daughter of Ptolemy V; wife of Ptolemy VIII from 144 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
131/10 Cleopatra gains control of Egypt, and Ptolemy escapes to Cyprus,
129/29 Cleopatra II appeals to Demetrius for help against Ptolemy.
    Within translations:
AET_6.3.A   of the kings Ptolemy and Cleopatra his sister, the children of
AET_6.3.B   9 (?), of the queen Cleopatra and the queen Cleopatra and
AET_7.12   the Manifest gods, and Queen Cleopatra his sister, and
AET_7.12.B   Manifest gods, and Queen Cleopatra, his sister, and Queen
AET_9.2   (164)   ess of the Two Lands [Cleopatra], beloved of the Os
AET_9.4.C   ... of pharaoh Ptolemy and] Cleopatra, who are called ...
AET_9.4.D   23 of King Ptolemy and Cleopatra the gods Euergetai, the children
Diod_33.13   nthroned at Memphis, his queen Cleopatra was delivered of
Diod_33.20   ian of the king's son by Cleopatra, who was destined to
Diod_33.6a   married his own sister Cleopatra, and unjustly blamed
Diod_34.14   he saw that his sister Cleopatra was so great an enemy
Joseph:AJ_12.388   him, and with his wife Cleopatra, he desired and obtaine
Joseph:AJ_13.63   ing Ptolemy and queen Cleopatra, to ask leave of them
Joseph:AJ_13.64   pistle to Ptolemy and Cleopatra: [65] "Having done many
Joseph:AJ_13.69   of his sister and wife Cleopatra, by that epistle which
Joseph:AJ_13.70   70] "King Ptolemy and queen Cleopatra to Onias, send
Joseph:AJ_20.236   olemaeus Philometor, and Cleopatra his wife, and persuaded
Just_38.8   throne, with the queen Cleopatra his sister in marriage,
Just_38.9   their king. [38.9] Cleopatra, when the mourning for the
Just_39.1   fortunate termination), Cleopatra his mother-in-law promi
OGIS_106   (174-172)   Ptolemaios and queen Kleopatra, the gods Philometo
OGIS_107   (172-170)   lemaios [and] queen Kleopatra, [his sister] and w
OGIS_111   (152-145)   Ptolemaios and queen Kleopatra his sister, the
OGIS_125   (152-150) king Ptolemaios and queen Cleopatra, the gods Philometores .
OGIS_130   (c. 143/2)   Ptolemaios and queen Kleopatra his sister, the
OGIS_131   (136/5)   tolemaios [and queen Kleopatra the] sister, the god
OGIS_132   (130)   Ptolemaios and queen Kleopatra his wife, the gods
OGIS_139   (c. 124-116) king Ptolemaios and queen Kleopatra, the sister, 20 and que
OGIS_152   (142-131)   g Ptolemaios and queen Kleopatra the sister and que
OGIS_153   (142-131)   tolemaios and queen [Kleopatra the sister] and quee
OGIS_155   (142-131)   tolemaios [and queen Kleopatra the sister] and quee
OGIS_156   (c. 124)   tolemaios and queen] Kleopatra the sister and [quee
SelPap_1.271C   (B.C.) King Ptolemy and Queen Cleopatra the sister, gods Philometores,
SelPap_1.38A   (132) son of Ptolemy, queen Kleopatra, the sister and queen
THI_23   (late 2nd cent.)   Ptolemaios and Queen Kleopatra, because of his goo
THI_114.B   olemaios and his sister queen Kleopatra in a fine and righteo
THI_57.B   (135) [King Ptolemaios and] queen Kleopatra the sister [ and que
ValMax_9.2e.5   Memphites, whom he had by Cleopatra his sister and wife, a

  Cleopatra 3   III of Egypt - daughter of Ptolemy VI; wife of Ptolemy VIII from 141 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
140/6 marries his step-daughter Cleopatra, and brutally suppresses oppos
116/12 Cleopatra is forced to accept her elder son as king of Egypt.
115/4c letters from Ptolemy IX and Cleopatra to priests and officials in
107/5 Cleopatra forces Ptolemy Lathyrus to escape to Cyprus, and Ptolema
103/9 Cleopatra expels Ptolemy Lathyrus from Palestine.
102/3 and Ananias remain loyal to Cleopatra in the war against Ptolemy
102/13 alliance between Alexander Jannaeus and Cleopatra, queen of Egypt.
101/20 The death of Queen Cleopatra, allegedly murdered by her son, Ptolemae
    Within translations:
AET_6.3.B   queen Cleopatra and the queen Cleopatra and the king Ptolemy their
AET_6.4.C   10 of the queen l.p.h. Cleopatra l.p.h. and the king l.p.h.
AET_7.12   his sister, and Queen Cleopatra, his wife, the Beneficent
AET_7.12.B   his sister, and Queen Cleopatra, his wife, the Beneficent
AET_7.13.A   causes sorrow to cease] { Euergetis - Philometor Soteira }, the
AET_7.13.B   29 of the kings, Kleopatra and Ptolemaios, the [mother-loving]
AET_7.13.C   29 of the] kings, Kleopatra and Ptolemaios, [the] mother-loving
AET_8.19   ruler, lady of the Two Cleopatra, the Beneficent gods, with the
AET_9.2.D   of Euergetes, and Queen Philometor-Soteira, chosen of Ptah, Re,
AET_9.4.D   gods Epiphaneis, and Queen Cleopatra his wife the goddess
ChronPasc_445   called Soter, the son of Cleopatra, became the 8th king
ChronPasc_449   and Soter, the son of Cleopatra, returned from exile
Euseb]:Chron_163   uergetes had two sons by Cleopatra, the elder called Ptole
Hieron:Chron_1919   his kingdom by his mother Cleopatra, and had retired
Joseph:AJ_13.285   and Cyprus; for [285] Cleopatra the queen was at varian
Joseph:AJ_13.286   ere related. [286] Cleopatra entrusted these men with her
Joseph:AJ_13.328   rom the government of Egypt by Cleopatra his mother. So
Joseph:AJ_13.331   Egypt; [331] for that Cleopatra would not overlook an
Joseph:AJ_13.334   by privately inviting Cleopatra to come against Ptolema
Joseph:AJ_13.336   he had privily sent to Cleopatra his mother, he broke
Joseph:AJ_13.348-355 *   [13.] & [348] When Cleopatra saw that her son was grown
Joseph:AJ_13.358   Cyprus, and his mother Cleopatra was returned to Egypt,
Joseph:AJ_14.112   the money which queen Cleopatra had deposited there,
Joseph:BJ_1.86   pursued by his mother Cleopatra, and retired into Egypt
Just_39.4   [39.4] In Egypt, Cleopatra, being dissatisfied at having
OGIS_119.B   Ptolemaios . . . and Kleopatra ] the wife, [the gods
OGIS_139   (c. 124-116) e sister, 20 and queen Kleopatra, the wife, Beneficent gods, t
OGIS_144   (c. 131/0) dedicated this statue queen Kleopatra Euergetis, the wife of
OGIS_152   (142-131)   the sister and queen Kleopatra the wife, the gods E
OGIS_153   (142-131)   e sister] and queen Kleopatra the wife, [the gods E
OGIS_155   (142-131)   e sister] and queen Kleopatra [the wife, the gods E
OGIS_156   (c. 124)   e sister and [queen Kleopatra the wife], the gods E
OGIS_159   (142-131)   priestess of queen] Kleopatra the goddess, was dedi
OGIS_175   (104)   behalf of queen Kleopatra, goddess Euergetis, and
OGIS_739   (112/11) In the reign of Kleopatra and Ptolemaios, the gods
SelPap_1.38A   (132) the sister and queen Kleopatra, the wife, the gods
THI_57.B   (135) the sister [ and queen Kleopatra the wife to the members

  Cleopatra 4   IV of Egypt - daughter of Ptolemy VIII; wife of Antiochus Cyzicenus from 113 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
113/10 Antiochus Cyzicenus marries Cleopatra of Egypt and attacks Antiochus
112/10 and captures Antioch, where Cleopatra the wife of Cyzicenus is kille
    Within translations:
Just_39.3 to divorce his sister Cleopatra, whom he very much love

  Cleopatra 5   V of Egypt - daughter of Ptolemy IX; wife of Ptolemy XII from (?) 79 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
57/39 The death of Cleopatra, the mother of Berenice.
    Within translations:
ChronPasc_449   oter, and the brother of Cleopatra, became the 11th king
OGIS_182.A   (78) king Ptolemaios and queen Kleopatra, also called Tryphaina, the

  Cleopatra 6   VI Tryphaena, of Egypt - daughter of Ptolemy XII
Wikipedia entry
Euseb]:Chron_167 rule of his daughters Cleopatra Tryphaena and Berenice,

  Cleopatra 7   VII of Egypt - daughter of Ptolemy XII; queen from 51 to 30 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
69/30 The birth of Cleopatra, queen of Egypt.
51/10 aeus Auletes names Ptolemy XIII and Cleopatra as his joint heirs.
51/12a Cleopatra installs a new Buchis bull in Hermonthis.
51/20a on by the chief priest Onnophris at the start of Cleopatra's reign
49/54a donations made by a woman (probably Cleopatra) to the cult of Apis.
49/55 Cleopatra is driven out of Egypt by her brother Ptolemy.
48/68 Cleopatra secretly enters the palace at Alexandria, and meets with
47/19 Caesar establishes Cleopatra and Ptolemy XIV as joint rulers of
47/24 Caesar goes on a cruise up the river Nile with Cleopatra.
46/31a HI_6, privileges granted by Cleopatra to a temple of Isis at Ptolema
46/56 Cleopatra and her son Caesarion come to stay in Rome, with the approv
44/102 Cleopatra kills her young brother, Ptolemy XIV.
44/105 Caesarion, the son of Cleopatra, is offically recognised as joint kin
44/60 Cleopatra leaves Rome and returns to Egypt.
44/60a gives control of the island of Cyprus to Cleopatra and Arsinoë.
42/12 Cleopatra sends a fleet to assist the triumvirs, but it is wrecked
41/3 Inscr_5, a decree of Cleopatra, concerning agricultural workers from
41/14 Cleopatra sails in a golden barge to meet Antonius at Tarsus.
41/20 Arsinoë, the sister of Cleopatra, is killed at Ephesus by order
40/2 Antonius spends the winter with Cleopatra in Egypt.
36/2 Antonius marries Cleopatra.
36/4 Cleopatra counts the years of her reign from when she gained control
36/26 Cleopatra goes to meet Antonius in Phoenicia, and brings supplies for
35/11 Alexandra complains to Cleopatra about the behaviour of Herodes.
34/4 Antonius at Laodiceia and rebuts the accusations made by Cleopatra.
34/7 Cleopatra visits Herodes on her way back from Syria to Egypt.
34/15 xandria": Antonius grants royal titles to the children of Cleopatra.
34/17 Antonius officially marries Cleopatra.
33/2 BD_52B, exemptions granted to P.Canidius by Cleopatra.
33/10 Antonius and Cleopatra gather their forces at Ephesus.
33/23 Antonius and Cleopatra allegedly indulge in degenerate behaviour, inc
32/13 defeat Herodes, with the assistance of one of Cleopatra's generals.
32/15 Geminius fails to persuade Antonius to send Cleopatra back to Egypt.
32/17 According to the poets, Cleopatra hopes to conquer Rome.
32/18 The Romans declare war on Cleopatra.
31/22 Cleopatra persuades Antonius to lead out his fleet for battle.
31/26 Antonius and Cleopatra escape by sea.
31/31 Antonius and Cleopatra arrive back in Egypt, but are deserted by thei
30/8 Antonius and Cleopatra continue to hold extravagant parties at Alexan
30/9 Artavasdes, king of Armenia, is executed, by order of Cleopatra.
30/10 Antonius and Cleopatra send envoys to Octavianus.
30/21 rding to some later writers, Cleopatra built the Pharos at Alexandria
30/22 acas, a doctor and writer on medicine, is an associate of Cleopatra.
30/24 Octavianus visits Cleopatra, but is impervious to her charms.
30/25 Cleopatra commits suicide, probably by the poisonous bite of an asp.
30/26 on the ambitious but flawed characters of Antonius and Cleopatra.
30/29 The death of Cleopatra marks the end of the Ptolemaic dynasty.
30/30 Egypt, the reign of Augustus starts after the death of Cleopatra.
    Within translations:
Aelian:Fr_55-58 *   & K'2147 , & E'2395& Cleopatra, into whom the successi
Aelian:NA_9.11   ent pain. Moreover Cleopatra established that the bite of
Aelian:NA_9.61   ee, is why the manner of Cleopatra's death was by no means
AET_4.12   (41)   lady of the land, Cleopatra { VII } and her son
AET_4.13   the lady of the land, Cleopatra { VII } and her
AET_5.4   (42)   sixth year of queen Cleopatra {15 Epeiph = 15 July
AET_5.4   the sixth year of queen Cleopatra {15 Epeiph = 15 July
AET_5.5   in the reign of queen Cleopatra [the goddess Philopator and] 17
AET_9.2.E   Lady of the Two Lands Cleopatra VII, but again there is
AstrCan_3   29 696 272 81 B.C. (12 Sep.) Cleopatra 22 718 294 52 B.C
Athen_4.147   entertainment given by Cleopatra the last queen of Egypt
Aug:Fr_12.16   legions to watch over Cleopatra and to obey her nod and
Cassiod:Chr_724   was buried in a mausoleum with Cleopatra. [726] & C. Caes
ChronPasc_456   fight. [Ol. 182.2] Cleopatra, the daughter of Ptolemy
ChronPasc_457   hich was the 5th year of Cleopatra and the first year of
ChronPasc_465   ears before the death of Cleopatra, and for another 30 yea
ChronPasc_472   [Ol. 187.2] The Egyptians and Cleopatra wielded great pow
ChronSynt_91   Dionysus for 30 years Cleopatra the daughter of Dionysu
ChronSynt_100   Dionysus for 30 years Cleopatra for 22 years In total,
Crinag_7.645   and a favourite of Antony and Cleopatra. O Philostratus,
Crinag_9.235   daughter of Antonius and Cleopatra) with Juba, King of Num
Diod_40.6   and Galen mention this Cleopatra, and Plutarch as well,
ElegMaec_1.51   rior to prevent a woman {Cleopatra} from having Rome as
Euseb]:Chron_69   until the death of queen Cleopatra, who reigned in about
Euseb]:Chron_167-171 *   ears. His daughter Cleopatra was the last of the dynasty
ExcBarb_35A   of Alexander up until Cleopatra, queen of Egypt, there
ExcBarb_36B   the new Dionysus, Cleopatra Berenice was (?) the last of
ExcBarb_46B   Dionysus for 29 years Cleopatra for 12 years The kingdo
ExcBarb_49A   oman empire. Until Cleopatra the kingdom of the Ptolemaei
Festus:Brev_13   riendly kings, but, when Cleopatra, together with Antonius
Galen_14.235   chelidonia) that queen Cleopatra, wishing to foil her
Hieron:Chron_1967   182.3 * . [1967] Cleopatra [became] the 12th [ruler] of
Hieron:Chron_1970   Ar.] Caesar established Cleopatra as queen of Egypt, in
Hieron:Chron_1971   voys. [not in Ar.] Cleopatra entered Rome with a royal ret
Hieron:Chron_1984   Antonius assigned Arabia to Cleopatra. [not in Ar.] The
Hieron:Chron_1985   985] [1988 in Ar.] Cleopatra and Antonius committed suicid
Hieron:Chron_1988   The children of Cleopatra, Sol [Helius] and Luna [Selen
Joseph:AJ_14.324   ntonius came into Syria, Cleopatra met him in Cilicia, and
Joseph:AJ_14.375   was retained there by Cleopatra; [376] yet was she not
Joseph:AJ_15.24   Accordingly, she wrote to Cleopatra (a musician assisting her
Joseph:AJ_15.28   reproaches he should have from Cleopatra on that account; and he
Joseph:AJ_15.32   endeavoured, by the means of Cleopatra, so to bring it about,
Joseph:AJ_15.45   [45] She therefore sent to Cleopatra, and made a long complaint
Joseph:AJ_15.62   of this treacherous scene to Cleopatra, and how her son was
Joseph:AJ_15.75   at him, so that Cleopatra's persuasions had less force
Joseph:AJ_15.88   thrown in confusion by Cleopatra's constant pleas to Antony,
Joseph:AJ_15.96   [96]   When Cleopatra had obtained this much, and
Joseph:AJ_15.104   out of that kingdom, to Cleopatra. [105] And Artaxias, the eldest
Joseph:AJ_15.106   which Herod was to pay Cleopatra for that country which Antony
Joseph:AJ_15.110   both from him, and from Cleopatra, how perfidious he was; for
Joseph:AJ_15.131   of being made slaves of Cleopatra, who else was it who
Joseph:AJ_15.191   his authority, was to slay Cleopatra ; [192]   for when
Joseph:AJ_15.215   war, and that Antony and Cleopatra were both dead, and that
Joseph:AJ_15.256     He therefore sent to Cleopatra, and informed her that the
Joseph:BJ_1.243   was already in love with Cleopatra to the degree of slaver
Joseph:BJ_1.279   city, he was received by Cleopatra with great splendour,
Joseph:BJ_1.359   bewitched by his love to Cleopatra, and was entirely conqu
Joseph:BJ_1.363   aptive, as a present for Cleopatra; for this Parthian was
Joseph:BJ_1.365   Antonius went through by Cleopatra; for since, as we have
Joseph:BJ_1.367   Athenion, who was one of Cleopatra's generals, and always
Joseph:BJ_1.389-391 *   rs, and that was to kill Cleopatra; and I promised him,
Joseph:BJ_1.396   was come into Egypt, and Cleopatra and Antonius were dead,
Joseph:BJ_1.397   body, which they had been to Cleopatra before. Nor did
Joseph:BJ_1.440   idered with himself that Cleopatra was a shrewd woman, and
Malal_197   ears; he had a daughter called Cleopatra and a son called
Malal_217-222 *   his beautiful concubine Cleopatra - he found this Cleopat
NicDam_T2   the children of Antonius and Cleopatra. He was followed
NicDam_130.68   Egypt, and that Queen Cleopatra had lain with him and
OGIS_129   (c. 42-30)   ed, it was probably Cleopatra VII and Caesarion
OGIS_194   (39)   [In the reign of] Cleopatra, Goddess Philopator,
OGIS_195   (34)   ends of Antonius and Cleopatra formed a society of
Oros_6.16   the kingdom of Egypt on Cleopatra. 3 Thence he overran Syria
Oros_6.19   13 Antony and Cleopatra decided to send part of
Plin:HN_33.50   an enormity that even Cleopatra would have been so
SelPap_1.256A   (35) In the reign of Cleopatra, goddess, the newer Philopator and
SelPap_1.40A   (44) ar of the reign of Cleopatra and Ptolemy, gods Philopatores, a
THI_178   For Queen Kleopatra Thea Philopator is dedi
THI_251   (29)   y of the Two Lands {Cleopatra VII, but again there
ValMax_4.1.15   to him in chains by Cleopatra, so that he could take

  Cleopatra 8   Eurydice - wife of Philippus II of Macedonia
Wikipedia entry
  + Eurydice
Arrian:Fr_9 xander, her mother being Eurydice, the wife of Amyntas,
Athen_13.557 by whom he had Alexander and Cleopatra. And when he subd
Athen_13.560 unt of his marriage with Cleopatra; and Heracles was ruine
FGrH_155.4 ent mother who was also called Cleopatra. Ptolemy marri
PsCallisth_1.20 by Philip and he had married Cleopatra, the sister of

  Cleopatra 9   - daughter of Philippus II of Macedonia; died in 308 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
321/17 Perdiccas decides to marry Cleopatra, the sister of Alexander the Gre
320/5 crosses over to Asia, and attacks Eumenes and Cleopatra at Sardis.
320/30 Eumenes is advised by Cleopatra to leave Sardis, and retires to Celae
308/5 Cleopatra, the daughter of Philippus, is killed at Sardis.
    Within translations:
AnthPal_3.4   still married to their mother Cleopatra. Clytius and Poly
Arrian:Fr_9-11 *   him the hand of her daughter Cleopatra. Eumenes of Cardi
Asclepiad_9.752   the sacred possession of Cleopatra & : on the queen's han
FGrH_155.4   aptured Perdiccas' wife, Cleopatra the stepsister of Alexa
Just_9.6   marriage of his daughter Cleopatra with Alexander, whom
Just_9.7   and the preferment of Cleopatra to herself, than Pausan
Just_13.6   ughts to a marriage with Cleopatra, sister of Alexander
Just_14.1   went to Sardis, to Cleopatra, the sister of Alexander the
Memn_4   cts and courting the favour of Cleopatra. And so he resist
OGIS_168   (115)   that] his and queen [Kleopatra's] name, [gods Philo
Oros_3.14   to marry his daughter Cleopatra to Alexander. This Alexander
Plut:Eum_3   showed him letters from Cleopatra, in which she invited
Plut:Eum_8   was ambitious to show Cleopatra what a respectable forc
PsCallisth_3.33   tolemy and I give him for wife Cleopatra, the sister of

  Cleopatra 10   Thea - daughter of Ptolemy VI of Egypt; queen of Syria from 150 to 121 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
150/9 dding of Alexander Balas and Cleopatra, daughter of Ptolemy VI;
138/8 Antiochus VII marries Cleopatra, his brother's wife, and becomes the
129/2a dedication at Ptolemais on behalf of Antiochus VII and Cleopatra.
125/3 Cleopatra kills her son Seleucus, after he proclaims himself king.
125/7 Cleopatra sets up Antiochus Grypus as king.
120/3 The death of Cleopatra, the mother of Antiochus Grypus.
    Within translations:
1Macc_10 out from Egypt, he and Cleopatra his daughter, and came
Diod_33.28 on, accompanied by queen Cleopatra, the wife of Demetrius
Joseph:AJ_13.82 and brought his daughter Cleopatra along with him; and as
Joseph:AJ_13.120 n-in-law and kinsman, by Cleopatra's marriage to him; so
Joseph:AJ_13.221 and revolted from him to Cleopatra, the wife of Demetrius,
Joseph:AJ_13.222 on account of Tryphon, Cleopatra sent to him, and invite
Joseph:AJ_13.268 the fight, and fled to Cleopatra his wife, to Ptolemais;
Joseph:AJ_13.271 that one and the same Cleopatra was married to two who
Just_36.1 ices, and having married Cleopatra, his brother's wife,
OGIS_256 (129-117)   s the Great and queen Kleopatra, who was one of the
OGIS_260 (116/5)   metrios [and queen] Kleopatra, dedicated this statu
SEG_19.904 (c. 130/29)   os Soter, and of queen Kleopatra Thea Euetēria

  Cleopatra 11   Tryphaena - daughter of Ptolemy VIII, and sister of Cleopatra IV
  + Tryphaena
122/1 reconciled with Ptolemy VIII and marries his daughter Tryphaena
111/10 enus defeats Grypus and puts Cleopatra Tryphaena to death; Grypus ret
    Within translations:
Euseb]:Chron_261 the son of Grypus and of Tryphaena the daughter of Ptolema
Just_39.2 Grypus and his daughter Tryphaena to marry him, that he
Just_39.3 when he had taken it, Tryphaena, the wife of Grypus,

  Cleopatra 12   Selene I - daughter of Ptolemy VIII of Egypt; queen of Syria, killed in 69 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
  + Selene
69/17 Cleopatra Selene is put to death by Tigranes, after being imprisoned
    Within translations:
Joseph:AJ_13.420 ing Ptolemais; [420] for Selene the queen, the same that
Joseph:BJ_01.116 Ptolemais, and besieged Cleopatra, by agreements and pres
Just_39.3 marry his younger sister Selene; a determination as to her
Just_39.4 taking from him his wife Selene (the more ignominiously,

  Cleopatra 13   Selene II - daughter of Cleopatra VII and M.Antonius
Wikipedia entry
  + Selene
Crinag_9.235 & On the marriage of Cleopatra (daughter of Antonius
Hieron:Chron_1988 opatra, Sol [Helius] and Luna [Selene], were led

  Cleopatra 14   - daughter of Antochus XII of Syria
Malal_208 nices the leper, the father of Cleopatra and Antiochis.

  Cleopatra 15   - daughter of Mithridates of Pontus; wife of Tigranes of Armenia from 94 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
Just_38.3 ntended, gave him his daughter Cleopatra in marriage. On

  Cleopatra 16   - wife of Phineas
Phylarch_18 as a favour to their mother, Cleopatra the daughter of

  Cleopatra 17   - fifth wife of Herod, king of the Jews
Wikipedia entry
Joseph:BJ_1.562   Joseph, the king's nephew. By Cleopatra, a native of Jerusalem, he

  Cleopatra 18   in the Triakontaschoinos - a Greek city in Egypt
OGIS_111 (152-145)   s of Philometoris and Kleopatra in the Triakontasch

Cleopatrasee Berenice5

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