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  Ceres   - the Roman goddess of agriculture; the equivalent of the Greek goddess Demeter
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312/11 ates a triumph over the Samnites, and dedicates the spoils to Ceres.
106/17 the dedication of walls at Capua, to Ceres and to Castor and Pollux.
    Within translations:
[Tib]:PanMes_147 elds, whether Bacchus or Ceres, nor do any animals live
CIL_add.7 (early 1st cent.)   Business. C Festival: of Ceres. No Business; Pu
CIL_add.8 (1st cent. A.D.)   . F [No Business. Games for Ceres.] G Ides. [No Bus
Ennius:Ann_60 ius - Juno Vesta Minerva Ceres Diana Venus Mars Mercurius
Just_2.6 fit the nocturnal mysteries of Ceres were instituted. 14
Just_5.1 ivulged the mysteries of Ceres, which were rendered sacred
Naev:Pun_24 Proserpina, a child of Ceres, [25-6] MACROBIUS, quoting
Plinius:Ep_9.39 enlarge the temple of Ceres, which stands on my estate,

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