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  Cardia   - a town on the Thracian Chersonese, near Lysimacheia
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  + Cardians
250/27 The death of the historian Hieronymus of Cardia, at the age of 104.
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Arrian:Fr_1 of Antiochus, and Eumenes of Cardia. Meleager was in com
Arrian:Fr_9 opatra. Eumenes of Cardia favoured Cleopatra, but his brot
Athen_8.351 when the bathing-man in Cardia brought him some vile eart
Athen_12.520 similar story about the Cardians, in the second book of
Plut:Eum_1 writes, that Eumenes of Cardia was the son of a poor wagg
Plut:Eum_3 Hecataeus, the tyrant of Cardia, applied to Leonnatus, and
Polyaen_5.41.1 red some triremes of the Cardians, he placed his own rower

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