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  Calymna   - an Aegean island, near Halicarnassus
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  + Calymnians , Calyndian , Calyndus
203/9 of Delphi in honour of Philiscus of Cos and Philippus of Calymna.
201/17 be taken by the citizens of Calymna following their political union
201/21b Syll_567-569, decrees of Calymna and Halasarna referring to defence
    Within translations:
Athen_11.474   was built by Callicles of Calymna and piloted by Euphranor of
Polyaen_8.53.2   amis, sank a ship of the Calyndian allies, which was comma
Syll_953   (300-286)   inst the city [of the Kalymnians];   [since] t
THI_47   (3rd cent.)   ht he sent Hephaistios of Kalyndos, the son of ..
THI_123.A   judges [who] were sent to Kalymna bring back a decree from
THI_123.B   who on their arrival at Kalymna will above all try to
THI_99.B   (early 2nd century)   on the islands of Kos and Kalymna. As well as the f

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