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  Calvus   (C. Licinius Calvus) - Roman orator, born in 82 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
82/9 The birth of M.Caelius Rufus and C.Licinius Calvus, on the same day.
54/18 disrupting elections, but Calvus and Scaurus speak in his defence
54/23 Cicero and Calvus defend Messius on a charge of bribery.
54/29 Vatinius is prosecuted by Calvus, but Cicero is persuaded
48/57 Calvus and Brutus make insulting comments about Pompeius.
47/69 Calvus is one of the leading orators of his generation.
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_280   us, "C. Curio, and C. Licinius Calvus." "The very same,"
Cic:Brut_283   "But let us return to Calvus whom we have just mentione
Plin:HN_7.165   Caelius Rufus and Gaius Licinius Calvus both orators but with such
Plin:HN_33.140   as possible. The orator Calvus complainingly cries that cooking-pots
Plin:HN_34.166   is recorded that the pleader Calvus used these plates to control
Plinius:Ep_1.2   ourite, Demosthenes, and Calvus, to whom I have recently
Plinius:Ep_1.16   writes verses that Catullus or Calvus might have composed.
Plinius:Ep_4.27   easures, which Catullus, Calvus, and the poets of old have
Plinius:Ep_5.3   Marcus Tullius, Caius Calvus, Asinius Pollio, Marcus
Schol:Bob_125   M.Crassus and L.Licinius Calvus, who divided the parts of
ValMax_9.12.7   an praetor the father of Calvus, who was accused of extortion.

  Calvus 2   (P. Licinius Calvus Esquilinus) - consular tribune, 400 B.C.
FastCap_p36 itolinus P. Licinius P.f. P.n. Calvus Esquilinus Sp. Furiu

  Calvus 3   (P. Licinius Calvus Esquilinus) - magister equitum, 368 B.C.
FastCap_p40 Licinius C.f. P.n. Calvus - the first [to be elected] from

  Calvus 4   (C. Licinius Calvus Stolo) - Roman consul, 364 B.C.
Wikipedia entry
FastCap_p42   eticus , C. Licinius C.f. P.n. Calvus [363] & L. Aemilius
ValMax_8.6.3   [6.3]   C. Licinius Stolo, by whom the plebeians were

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