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  Caligula   (C. Caesar Augustus Germanicus) - Roman emperor, 37-41 A.D.
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  + Caesar , Gaius
Suetonius,- SUETONIUS, Caligula
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Aelian:Fr_24 The emperor Gaius is called Caligula. { Fragments quo
AstrCan_4 783 359 65 14 A.D. (20 Aug.) Gaius 4 787 363 69 36 A.D.
Athen_4.148 the emperor, surnamed Caligula because he was born in
Euseb]:Chron_215 capable of it. [At this time] Gaius became emperor of the
ExcBarb_48A iberius for 23 years - cons. 5 Gaius for 10 years - cons.
Julian:Caes_310 there came a fierce monster [ Caligula ]. Thereupon all
MegTaan_11 ans to erect a statue of Caligula were abandoned when the
Philip_9.778 sed by Ocean, that obeys great Caesar, and the blue sea

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