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  Caldus   (C. Coelius Caldus) - Roman consul, 94 B.C.
  + Caelius , Coelius
107/11 The tribune C.Coelius charges C.Popillius with treason for his part
103/15 C.Caelius acquits a man accused of slandering the poet Lucilius.
95/17 C.Coelius, a "novus homo", is elected to be consul for the following
94/_ Consuls: C. Coelius C.f. Caldus, L. Domitius Cn.f. Ahenobarbus
    Within translations:
Cic:Brut_165 wise observe of C. Caelius, that he was a man of great app
CIL_1.2663 ril in the consulship of Gaius Coelius and Lucius Domi
CIL_1.682 sulship of Gaius Coelius Caldus son of Gaius, and Lu
FastCap_p74 [94] & C. Coelius C.f. C.n. Caldus , L. Domitius Cn.f.

  Caldus 2   (C. Coelius Caldus) - Roman quaestor, 50 B.C.
50/26 & Cic:Fam_2.19, letters from Cicero to Atticus and Coelius Caldus.

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