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  Buchis   - a sacred Egyptian bull
Wikipedia entry
169/34a The Buchis bull is moved to Hermonthis, because Thebes is occupied
51/12a Cleopatra installs a new Buchis bull in Hermonthis.
    Within translations:
AET_4.12.A   of Montu-Horakhty, prophet of (?) Buchis, of Hathor who resides in
AET_9.2.B   god went up to heaven, Buchis the living ba of Re,
AET_9.2.C   majesty of this noble god, Buchis, the living ba of Re,
AET_9.2.D   of Atum, this god, a Buchis the living ba of Re,
AET_9.2.E     Utterance of the Osiris Buchis living ba of Re, manifestation
THI_251   (29)   , beloved of Osiris Buchis, Great God, Lord of the

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