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  Boii   - a tribe in Cisalpine Gaul (northern Italy)
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283/3 Dolabella defeats the Boii and the Etruscans at Lake Vadimon.
282/29 The Romans defeat the Boii and Etruscans in a second battle.
236/3 out at Ariminum between the Boii and their allies from Transalpine
225/14 Aemilius invades the territory of the Boii.
224/11 consuls invade the territory of the Boii and force them to submit.
218/22 The Boii defeat the Roman praetor L.Manlius.
201/7 C.Ampius, a prefect of Aelius, is defeated and killed by the Boii.
196/9 The consuls defeat the Insubres and Boii in separate battles.
195/8 Flaccus defeats the Boii near the Litana Forest.
194/11 Sempronius fights an indecisive battle against the Boii.
193/13 Merula defeats the Boii at Mutina.
192/7 L.Flamininus attacks the Boii, and allegedly treats his captives with
191/16 Scipio Nasica decisively defeats the Boii.
191/25 The triumph of Scipio, over the Boii.
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Ennius:Ann_250 [250] & War of the Boii and other Cisalpine and Transalpin
FastTr__B of the Balearic Islands Boii A tribe of Gauls, who migrat

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