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  Boeotia   - a region in central Greece
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  + Boeotian , Boeotians
322/7 the Athenians not to invade Boeotia, and defeats the Macedonians nea
313/20 onus arrives with a fleet in Boeotia, and forces Cassander to abandon
304/19 etween the Athenians and the Boeotians, but is subsequently forced
296/3 hagoras in the stadion race, and Nicon of Boeotia in the pancration.
293/10 Demetrius gains control of Thessaly and Boeotia.
291/5a Syll_366, an alliance between the Boeotians and the Aetolians.
284/6d reement between the cavalry of Orchomenus and Chaeroneia in Boeotia.
251/16 rees concerning Lamian arbitrators, in a dispute with the Boeotians.
245/18 The Aetolians inflict a severe defeat on the Boeotians at Chaeronea.
234/8 Demetrius invades Boeotia, and detaches it from Aetolia.
222/20 Boeotian citharode wins the prize at the Pythian games.
216/13 The breakdown of law and order in Boeotia.
204/7 THI_128, a donation of Ptolemy IV to Thespiae in Boeotia.
197/2 Flamininus forces the Boeotians to enter into alliance with the Roman
196/_ Olympic victor in the stadion race: Micion of Boeotia
196/2 The Romans force the Boeotians to agree to peace terms after the assa
192/3 Megara defects from the Boeotians and joins the Achaean League.
192/25 The Boeotians and others give their support to Antiochus.
186/2 The Boeotians refuse to restore Zeuxippus and other exiles, despite
171/3 rive at Chalcis and bring about the break-up of the Boeotian League.
171/16 of Haliartus, and receives the surrender of other towns in Boeotia.
170/11 transmitted by the praetor Q.Maenius, concerning Thisbae in Boeotia.
88/56 Achaea, Laconia, Boeotia, and other Greek states side with Mithridate
87/5 ves in Greece and forces the Boeotians to abandon their support for
48/30 .Fufius, one of Caesar's generals, advances into Boeotia and Attica.
    Within translations:
Aelian:NA_3.35 fr. 181 ] . But in Boeotia and on the opposite shore of
Aelian:NA_17.10 in Mysia. [10] & Boeotia is free of moles, and this anim
AnthPal_3.16 from Aeolis, the other from Boeotia. [17] Anapis and
AnthPal_6.245 oak, in your holy porch, Boeotian Cabeirus, in memory of
AntipThes_11.24 p-bearer named Helicon O Boeotian Helicon, once didst thou
Athen_4.155 der, when returning from Boeotia after he had buried the
Athen_5.209 not beginning with the Boeotians, but with the shows and
Athen_5.215 and another against the Boeotians, in which last it was
Athen_5.216 Parnes. And the Boeotians, especially with their cavalr
Athen_6.264 Euboea, says, "When the Boeotians had founded Arnaea, tho
Athen_8.350 greatest barbarians, the Boeotians or the Thessalians, he
Athen_9.369 cts, says that among the Boeotians it is cabbages which
Athen_10.416 us, and as at Scolus, in Boeotia, there are statues of Meg
Athen_11.495 ucus says that the Boeotians call a κύλ&
Athen_13.597 "I say, too, that Boeotian Hesiod, master of all lore,
Athen_14.615 were Theodorus the Boeotian, and Theopompus, and Hermippus
Athen_14.622 dame within, & The rich Boeotian eel, carved in the depth
Athen_14.650 the hard kernels in his Boeotia :- & I bade him bring me
Demetr:Eloc_54 Homer the names of the Boeotian towns, though ordinary
Diod_38.6 army of Mithridates in Boeotia, took Athens by storm,
Euseb]:Chron_209 B.C.] - Micion of Boeotia, stadion race 147th [192 B.C.]
FGrH_255.5 feated the Athenians and Boeotians in the famous battle
FGrH_257a.1 ble race Pas... of Boeotia, in the long race Timarchus of
Julian:Mis_369 the season when, as the Boeotian poet says, "It is a crue
Just_2.14 ild, and led off his army into Boeotia. Thither the army
Just_3.6 them the supremacy of Boeotia, which they had lost in
Just_6.5 ducted to the aid of the Boeotians by Iphicrates, a young
Just_8.1 that they had laid waste Boeotia, as if the Thebans thems
Just_8.4 for the Thessalians and Boeotians, with reviving wrath,
Just_16.3 wonder ; for when the Boeotians were suffering from a
Memn_8 Antigonus retreated to Boeotia, and Ptolemy crossed
OGIS_81 (221-205)   ios was archon of the Boeotian league, and Nikokles
Philoch_34 the Athenians and the Boeotians, when the Boeotians wan
Philoch_131 SCHOL.AR.,PAX.466 & "The Boeotians will suffer" - because
Philoch_148 between the Athenians and the Boeotians. [149] & (a) DIDY
Plut:Arat_16 intention to assist the Boeotians with 10,000 men, but
Plut:Arat_50 Crete, many castles in Boeotia and Phocis in lofty situa
Plut:Demetr_23 Thermopylae, took the Boeotians into his alliance, and
Plut:Demetr_39 he wanted to reduce the Boeotians, and threatened them
Plut:Demetr_40 months. As the Boeotians made a vigorous resistance,
Plut:Mor_185 Athenians to fight against the Boeotians. When the time
Plut:Mor_193 sirous to keep the Boeotians, who were grown rusty by idle
Plut:Mor_845 orcyraeans, Corinthians, Boeotians, and many more into a
Plut:Mor_851 and alliance with the Boeotians; for which things he
Plut:Phoc_9 a difference with the Boeotians, which they refused to
Plut:Phoc_15 become known, and the Boeotians would prevent him, he
Plut:Phoc_23 ; for he defeated the Boeotians in a pitched battle,
Plut:Phoc_24 osecute the war with the Boeotians, and Phocion at first
Polyaen_1.3.5 through the middle of Boeotia; but before it reaches
Polyaen_1.12.1 hessalus. When the Boeotians of Arne made war against the
Polyaen_1.19.1 etween the Athenians and Boeotians, for the possession of
Polyaen_* 2.1.18-21 * his army was encamped in Boeotia, Agesilaus noticed that
Polyaen_2.1.24 ia, was marching through Boeotia, the Thebans tried to har
Polyaen_2.3.3 ked, that whoever of the Boeotians wished to leave the bat
Polyaen_2.38.1 omarchus. When the Boeotians were besieging Elateia, Onoma
Polyaen_3.7.1 time to make his escape into Boeotia. &   When Thebes
Polyaen_3.12.1 not to march against the Boeotians; but they eagerly voted
Polyaen_4.7.11 ius dispatched a herald to the Boeotians, with a proclamat
Polyaen_7.18.1 accepted by Proxenus of Boeotia, Menon of Thessaly, Agis
Polyaen_7.43.1 cians fought against the Boeotians by lake Copais, and wer
Polyaen_8.44.1 ngaged in a war with the Boeotians, who had formerly settl
PsCallisth_1.19 Nicolaus, Xanthias the Boeotian, Cimon the Corinthian,
SEG_28.461 (287-280)   mos was archon of the Boeotians; and Theognetidas w
SEG_43.212 (c. 200)   ing to the common law of the Boeotians. So that the
Simonid_6.343 of war the peoples of Boeotia and Chalcis, quenched the
Syll_331 (after 306)   d that Zoïlos of Boeotia, the son of Kelainos,
Syll_366 (c. 292)   Lophrion, in Boeotia in the temple of Poseidon at
Syll_399 (278/7)   : Lykeas, Dorimachos Boeotians : Aisopon, Dionys
Syll_405 (277)   : Mel..., Antiphilos Boeotians: Neon, Nikokles Ain
Syll_406 (276/5)   ians : Larisios, Aristeidas Boeotians: Nikokles,
Syll_416 (273)   xandridas, Nikodamos Boeotians: Eugeiton, Epikydes
Syll_417 (272)   xandridas, Nikodamos Boeotians: Thebangelos, Moiri
Syll_418 (272-270)   s: Dorotheos, Peision Boeotians: Thebangelos, Moiri
Syll_419 (270)   ns: Phrikos, Alponios Boeotians: Damophilos, Kleo
Syll_422 (252/1 or 249/8)   itheös, Herys Boeotians: Phainandros, Permon
Syll_424 (256/5 or 254/3)   s: Herakleiodoros of Boeotia, the son of Diogeit
Syll_436 (254/3 or 250/49)   Aristokrates, Andron Boeotians: Phăeinos, [Ph
Syll_444 (c. 247-240)   atidas, Nikaïdas Boeotians: Eupolemos, Lanikos
Syll_457 (c. 250)   y of Thespiai and the Boeotian League; and he ha
Syll_461 (254-244)   Eparmostes, (?) Autodikos [Boeotians:] . . . Since
Syll_482 (269/8)   s: Lampron, Polyxenos Boeotians: Polykritos, Did
Syll_483 (c. 264/3)   nians]: Chairestratos Boeotians: Hippokritos, Eus
Syll_488 (c. 263/2)   , Eudamidas, Timondas Boeotians: Eusytos, Hippokr
Syll_489 (c. 234)   layers: Charikles [of Boeotia], the son of Chairion
Syll_494 (260/59)   archos, Timasikrates Boeotians: Oinades, Xenophanes
Syll_498 (260/59)   archos, Timasikrates Boeotians: Oinades, Xenophanes
Syll_506 (c. 237/6)   ans: Archippos, Herakleides Boeotians: Lysandros,
Syll_509 (225 or 221)   ians: Nikias, Orestas Boeotians: Alkinoös, Pto
Syll_519 (c. 222/1)   the hostages of the Boeotians and Phokians, both
Syll_544 (250-200)   to the league of the Boeotians, it is resolved by
Syll_545 (206/5)   los Chians: Leochides Boeotians: Philoxenides, N
Syll_550 (c. 213-203)   o. Rhodokles of Boeotia, the son of Herodoros, took
Syll_557 (after 208/7)   arode . . . of Boeotia won the contest at the [Pyth
Syll_635 (182-179)   's calendar, as the Boeotians reckon, and of the
Syll_636 (178)   son of Apollonides Boeotians: Ophelemos of Thebes,
Syll_645 (c. 172)   Decree of the Boeotians. &proxenoi of the
Syll_653 (c. 165)   y of Koroneia [in] Boeotia, with a golden [crown]
Syll_705 (112)   ted certain Theban and Boeotian Artists and violent
THI_125 (223)   en Onasimos is archon of the Boeotians. The borrowe
THI_61.A (c. 188/7)     Philistion of Boeotia, the son of Demophon F
THI_94 (c. 266-260)   os, Nikanor, ...atinos Boeotians: Euondas, (?) Poim

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