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  Balearic   Islands - islands in the Mediterranean Sea, near Spain
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  + Baleares
206/20 Mago leaves Spain for the Balearic Islands; the end of Carthaginian
123/5 Q.Metellus conquers the Balearic islands.
46/6 king Bogud in Mauretania, and goes off to the Balearic Islands.
    Within translations:
FastTr__A outhern border of Latium Baleares Inhabitants of the Balea
FastTr__B eares Inhabitants of the Balearic Islands Boii A tribe of
FastTr_p106 earicus, proconsul, & over the Baleares, pr. n on... ] [12
Hieron:Chron_2043 nus of Narbo died on the Balearic Islands, to which he had

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