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  Bacchanalia   - a festival in honour of Bacchus
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  + Bacchanal , Bacchanalian
188/15 age limit is set for initiation into the Bacchanalia.
186/8 The senate suppresses the Bacchanalia.
    Within translations:
Athen_12.544   & Even in the midst of Bacchanalian revels & A modest
CIL_1.581   ree of the Senate on the Bacchanalia (186 B.C.) : see
Joseph:AJ_14.215   wherein he forbade the Bacchanal rioters to meet in the
Joseph:AJ_14.216   gly, when I forbid other Bacchanal rioters, I permit these
Plut:Cleom_34   his time in all kinds of Bacchanalian revels with women,
ValMax_1.3.1   which was introduced in the Bacchanalia, when it grew to madness,
ValMax_6.3.7   in the rites of the Bacchanalia. When many of them were

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