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  Attica   - the region around Athens in central Greece
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324/15 ructs a magnificent funerary monument for Pythionicē in Attica.
318/16 of Polyperchon arrives in Attica; Polyperchon hands over Phocion
316/21 emetrius of Phalerum conducts a census of the inhabitants of Attica.
305/9 ciation of "orgeones" concerning the sanctuary of Egretes in Attica.
304/21 ives Cassander's army out of Attica and pursues it as far as Heraclei
286/8 eides attempts to pass a law banishing all philosophers from Attica.
286/9 old woman realizes that Theophrastus is not a native Attic speaker.
267/6 Epichares to be general in charge of the coastal areas of Attica.
267/7 Antigonus invades Attica.
242/7 Aratus invades Attica.
237/4b The outbreak of war (the "Demetrian War") in Attica.
234/5c decree of Rhamnūs in Attica, in honour of Dicaearchus, a gene
233/10 Aratus invades Attica.
223/3a decree of Rhamnūs in Attica, in honour of Menander, a trierar
201/6 Philippus invades Attica.
200/22 Philippus invades Attica.
178/1b a decree of Delphi honouring the citizens of Tetrapolis in Attica.
134/10 Slave revolts in Attica and Delos are quickly suppressed.
48/30 .Fufius, one of Caesar's generals, advances into Boeotia and Attica.
    Within translations:
[Longin]:Subl_34   to the best models of Attic wit, clever satire, plenty of
Aelian:Fr_73   rs'}; and from this the one in Attica was arranged. [74]
Aelian:NA_1.42   mix an eagle's gall with Attic honey and rub it on his eye
Aelian:NA_7.15   ore of Colchian Medea or Attic Procne ? [16] & Eagles sei
Aelian:NA_7.28   stupor), the people of Attica suffered from a disease,
Aelian:NA_7.32   w-anglers contributes an Attic drachma to the one who catc
Aelian:NA_9.26   strewn by the women of Attica on their pallets at the
Aelian:NA_15.9   the sea which approaches Attica on that side of the Isthmu
Aelian:NA_17.3   large enough to contain six Attic medimni. ** [4] &
AnthPal_7.21   singer of choral odes, Attic star of the tragic Muse,
AnthPal_7.36   you to spread on your Attic writing tablets, and that
AnthPal_7.40   here, far from his own Attica, by the white waters of
AnthPal_12.55   is Echedemus, a second Attic Phoebus whom soft-haired
AnthPal_16.222   to be a witness to the Attic land of victory and the ski
AntipSid_7.81   tice, Sparta Chilon, and Attica Solon - all guardians of
AntipThes_5.109   } & You can have the Attic Europa for a drachma with
AntipThes_7.39   hylus Here, far from the Attic land, making Sicily gloriou
Apollod:Fr_59   first sailed to Attica when Aristophantus [was archon
Apul:Flor_18   speak to you in the Attic tongue.†
Apul:Flor_26   that my speech has been Attic long enough. It is time
Athen_3.101   eaten; also ask & For Attic Honey, the feastís crowning
Athen_4.128   at Athens by Lamia the Attic female flute-player to King
Athen_4.130   my friend Lynceus, and Attic ones, with the proper boxes
Athen_5.212   uch pomp and insulting show in Attica before. So there ran
Athen_5.216   never once gone out of Attica, except when he once went
Athen_6.235   says in his History of Attica - "And then they chose som
Athen_6.244   Who, having sailed from Attica to Egypt, & Was asked by
Athen_6.245   istory of the Affairs of Attica [ Fr_65 ], says- The gynae
Athen_6.268   which is that strictest Atticist of all, namely Pherecrat
Athen_6.272   of the inhabitants of Attica, and the Athenians were
Athen_10.432   of the liquor which the Attic bee & Distils who culls the
Athen_11.460   word ekpōma (cup) used by Attic writers ; for they speak
Athen_11.480   those of Argos and of Attica.   The Attic cylices are
Athen_11.484   from the clay, as the Attic ware (is named from Attic
Athen_11.495   in which the people of Attica mingle their wine. "In hollow
Athen_11.499   kotylē It contains twelve Attic kotylai Moreover in Patrae
Athen_11.502   law that no article from Attica should be brought to their
Athen_11.503   name psykterias ; and the Attic comedians even deride the term
Athen_12.535   country, he crowned the Attic triremes with branches, and
Athen_12.540   os, and sheep from Miletus and Attica. He also," says he,
Athen_13.580   your Carian weights in Attica?" & Stratocles once made
Athen_13.582   Thallus, when he came to Attica & To buy some Chelidonian
Athen_13.598   ve. "How, too, the Attic bee [Sophocles] left Colone of
Athen_13.602   Epimenides was purifying Attica by human sacrifices, on
Athen_13.610   They've driven out of Attica with disgrace & All those
Athen_14.619   nes, in his catalogue of Attic Expressions, says - "The
Athen_14.623   heatre, and receiving an Attic talent per day every time
Athen_14.646   tells us in his treatise on Attic Names. There is also
Athen_14.647   considered dainties in Attica with those which are in
Athen_14.652-654 *   those which came from Attica were always considered a
Athen_14.660   book of the History of Attica, Cleidemus says, that ther
Athen_15.693   Most writers have mentioned the Attic scolia and they are worthy
Callim:Hec_T1   there lived a woman of Attica ..."
Callim:Hec_230   chtheus there lived a woman of Attica. [231] & All wayfare
Cic:Brut_28   be collected from the Attic histories, came the above-m
Cic:Brut_43   was privately buried in Attica, adding, that it was suspe
Cic:Brut_51   ealthy complexion of the Attic style, and indeed had almos
Cic:Brut_67   and what is called their Attic neatness, and yet have neve
Cic:Brut_68   nd, they tell us, of the Attic style of eloquence: and the
Cic:Brut_167   have been composed in the true Attic style. He likewise
Cic:Brut_224   everely stigmatized in the old Attic comedies. [225] &
Cic:Brut_284-291 *   "was to be admired as an Attic orator: and to this we must
Cic:Brut_315   the characteristic of an Attic orator, he may be justly
Cic:DeOr_2.217   above all, the people of Attica. But they who have attempted
Cic:Tusc_2.3   copiousness; (from which arose the Attic kind of oratory, which they
Crinag_11.42   yet set your foot on the Attic soil, that you may see thos
Demetr:Eloc_150   rbolt lights upon & & 'Sunium, Attica's headland.' & & &
Demetr:Eloc_175   ard for euphony that the Attic writers append an `n,' and
Demetr:Eloc_177   pungent Attic. The Attic dialect has about it something
Demetr:Eloc_279   a fortress to command Attica; and in so doing was he
Diod_34.2   government; similarly in Attica by one thousand slaves;
Diod_36.2   gth bought her for seven Attic talents, and agreed a certa
Diod_36.2a   to sell her for seven Attic talents, and a time was arr
DiogLaert_7.18   icular he likened to the Attic tetradrachms, which were
DiogLaert_7.56   it, as for instance, the Attics say thalatta, and the Ioni
DiogLaert_10.23   he himself had Leontion, the Attic courtesan, for his
DionHal:Din_1   rchus: one is one of the Attic orators; one collected the
DionHal:Din_3   F66}, moreover, in his Attic History speaks about the
DionHal:Din_11   itself. 39. The Attic speech: "Of all were they similar
DioscEpigr_7.37   Satyric drama he evolved Attic tragedy - a very exaggerate
DioscEpigr_7.410   still a goat and a basket of Attic figs. Now my juniors
Euseb]:Chron_175   phyes became the first king of Attica. Marathus, for 20
Euseb]:Chron_181   ion caused by the flood, Attica remained without a king
FGrH_252.A   killed Octavius; and in Attica Sulla captured Athens: 102
Joseph:AJ_15.314   kors of wheat, of ten Attic medimni apiece, that were given
Just_3.7   waste the territories of Attica in violation of their obli
Just_5.9   hyle, a fort on the borders of Attica. Some of the cities
LeonTar_7.455   tomb, clear to all, stands an Attic cup. She laments bene
Macedonicus_   you always come and save the Attic city of Cecrops. Hail
Meleager_7.417   se, and Gadara, which is Attic {in culture}, but lies in
Memn_34   hoinix of corn was sold for 80 Attic [drachmas]. On top
Nepos_1.4   Then they kept on to Attica and led their forces into
Nepos_2.10   bones were buried in Attica by his friends secretly,
Nepos_7.4   and then fortified Decelea in Attica and placed a permanent garrison
Nepos_13.2   victory filled the people of Attica with such great joy that
Nepos_15.6   themselves with the people of Attica, and in his speech made
Oros_1.2.30   to Macedonia, or rather to Attica. This place is called the
Oros_2.13   to establish the laws of Attica. This brought great disaster to
Oros_2.17   of Phyle on the Attic border. Strengthened by the
Paean:Delph_1   headland. Behold, Attica with its great city {Athens} is
Paean:Delph_2   ver to the famed land of Attica where the first crops were
Philoch_29   There are two demes in Attica, both with the neuter name
Philoch_46   that the valuation of Attica was 6,000 talents in the
Philoch_53   grant him a passage into Attica reminding them of his help
Philoch_62   Suda_Ph'838 & Phyle, a fort in Attica. [63] & HARPOCRATION
Philoch_117   what the writers of the Attic histories relate about the
Philoch_136   orus say in their histories of Attica. But Thucydides [8.6
Philoch_158   roborated} by the other {local Attic historians. Deinarchu
Philoch_203   name is as follows: in Attica there really is a village
Philoch_206   achidae: a deme of Attica, named after Semachus, who with
Plin:HN_4.1   Messenia, Laconia, Argolis, Megaris, Attica and Boeotia; and again,
Plin:HN_4.19   washes the whole coast of Attica.
Plin:HN_4.23   this the first region is Attica, named in antiquity Acte. It
Plin:HN_4.24   is more than ample. In Attica are the springs of Cephisia,
Plin:HN_4.32   total length of Epirus, Achaia, Attica and Thessaly is said to
Plin:HN_4.62   number of other islands facing Attica that have no towns on
Plin:HN_4.63   the whole of Boeotia from Attica to Thessaly and measures 150
Plin:HN_4.71   on the west by the Attic coasts of the Myrtoan Sea,
Plin:HN_35.75   the Ionic, Sicyonian and Attic. [76] To Pamphilus belong
Plin:HN_36.17   It was set up within Attica in the deme of Rhamnus,
Plin:HN_37.114   the Siberus, a river in Attica. Its colour is that of
Plin:HN_37.179   resembles the yellow ochre of Attica and is found in Egypt.
Plinius:Ep_2.3   eek, and that the purest Attic; his prefatory remarks are
Plinius:Ep_4.3   hat even Athens has so pure an Attic touch. But why go on?
Plinius:Ep_9.23   sed when an old woman of Attica recognised him with the
Plinius:Ep_9.26   uboea to be a bulwark to Attica on the side of the sea"
Plut:Arat_24   ponnesus, Aratus overran Attica, and passing into Salamis,
Plut:Cleom_23   the helots as could pay five Attic minae for their liber
Plut:Demetr_23   drove Cassander out of Attica, but followed him to Therm
Plut:Demetr_33   ger; but on the coast of Attica he met with a storm, in
Plut:Mor_173   He refused to eat Attic figs that were brought to be sold
Plut:Mor_188   the Macedonians invaded Attica and plundered the seacoast
Plut:Phoc_16   atest distance they could from Attica. This gave Phocion
Plut:Phoc_21   with them from Asia to Attica, a number of the mercenary
Plut:Phoc_26   ia, and was preparing to enter Attica. His first request
Plut:Phoc_37   ain within the bounds of Attica, nor that any Athenian sho
Polyaen_1.19.1   on the border between Attica and Boeotia, the oracle
Polyaen_1.21.1   boea against Pallenis in Attica, fell in with a body of
Polyaen_1.36.1   Lacedaemonians were ravaging Attica. In order to divert
Polyaen_1.36.2   uaintance of Pericles, invaded Attica. Pericles, who was
Polyaen_1.44.1   ory, while Conon and the Attic army, struck with consterna
Polyaen_3.10.1   shortage of money in the Attic camp, Timotheus persuaded
Polyaen_3.11.11   cause they were not showing an Attic flag, and sailed on
Polyaen_4.6.20   almost ripe, Antigonus invaded Attica. The Athenians had
Polyaen_4.7.5   Aegina and Salamis in Attica, he asked the inhabitants
Polyaen_4.11.2   was going to sail away from Attica. When he was about
Polyaen_6.53.1   ormed a plan to plant an Attic colony at that part of the
Poseidon_35   _6.272'e-f & A slave revolt in Attica. [36] [253.K] & Athe
SEG_25.149   (c. 303/2)   eviously] came into [Attica with a naval and infant
SelPap_1.91   eople to buy a cotyla of Attic honey; for I require it
Syll_327   (306/5)   dros] marched against Attica, he came to the aid of
Syll_334   (306/5)   15 talents, 40 drachmae of Attic silver, and . . .
Syll_337   (c. 285-247)   drachmae Eretrians : . . . Attic drachmae, . . .
Syll_657   (155/4)   nasiarchs (with their Attic demes ) from that date
Syll_705   (112)   enate [that when the Attic Artists] brought charges
Teles_57   different terms from an Attic woman, who on hearing [58]
Theodorid_7.722   as a foreigner on the foreign Attic soil. [7.732] & { G-P
THI_39   (235/4)   of the rest of the Attic countryside well and glori
THI_53   (c. 227-224)   either Antigonian or Attic coinage] - for each [of
THI_100   (c. 200)   s for each day, and an Attic choinix for each perso
THI_203   (122/1) t to the boundaries of Attica in weapons and became experienc
ValMax_1.8.10   - a noble part of Attica - and Carystus by the
ValMax_5.6e.1   he saw the territory of Attica invaded and ravaged by a

  Attica 2   Caecilia Attica - daughter of Pomponius Atticus, and wife of Agrippa
Wikipedia entry
37/20 Agrippa marries Caecilia Attica, the daughter of Atticus.

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